WooHooo for 2 day work weeks

I went to a work shop on Saturday which let me take an extra day off this week. I almost feel guilty about it because the workshop was so much fun, I learned a lot, and hung out with some awesome people. I really love my job and how flexible and fun it is. I feel lucky every single day for it. I could write a thankful post everyday in November just talking about my job.

I think I'm in a funk. Other than my job and my sweet girlies my life feels very blah. I just can't bring myself to blog anymore. Coming up with a positive topic is like pulling teeth now, and I feel pretty insecure about my current relationship. I'm hoping the 5 days of sleeping in and relaxing will help me get out of this mood.

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  1. I hope they do too. And I really hope Greg starts making you happy again, because you deserve someone who will make the extra effort for you like you do for everyone else.


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