The party that wasn't

I know I duck in an apologize for disappearing and then disappear again. If you only knew how crazy my week has been you'd understand.....and I'm sure you're thinking if you'd only tell us we'd understand. So I promise this week I'll catch you up on the crazy weekend I had last weekend with a work retreat on one side of the state and a band competition on the other. It was a whirl wind 641 mile weekend.

We were suppose to have our Halloween party tonight since we were away last weekend. However Greg has been sick and we really didn't plan well. So the party fizzled and we have a couple coming to hang out with us and that is it.

I bought an elf on the shelf. I kept seeing pics of it all over pinterest and couldn't resist. My girls don't believe in Santa but I just had to have one anyway. I seem to have gotten a naughty elf though....this is what she did the first night at our house. Keep an eye out for more naughty elf antics.
I got my hair cut. Actually that was a few weeks ago, I just haven't been able to get a pic.

So here ya haircut

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