Shopping and Elves

And I literally just noticed that the word elves is almost the word elvis
I take pride in having my Christmas shopping done early. Its not that I'm a hyper organized, type-A neurotic personality person. Although I am. Its that I have no patience. None at all. If I had to wait until when the stores are packed with people I'd go insane. I can honestly say I am almost done shopping.  I am even almost done with little stocking stuffers for the girlies. I am officially done with the girlies big items. I can't share what they got. I'd be afraid that they secretely read the blog. Lets just say I will have 2 very happy kiddos.

I still don't have my Christmas tree up. It will probably be next week before I actually get it done. I did get the girls an Elf on the Shelf. Her name is Elise. She is kinda creepy....and she is a very bad elf. See for yourself....
Turns out Elise loves red Stag and Ken....Barbie is so upset.


  1. "I literally just noticed that the word elves is almost the word Elvis."

    That's because they're related words.

    Both are tied to the same Indo-European root word, albho- ("brilliant, shining white"), from which we get aelf or alfr (Germanic- or Norse-rooted forms of elf): fair beings who were associated with shining light, similar to the Celtic stories of the Tuatha.

    It's also where we get names like Ailbhe (Irish) or Alvis (Norse), which are themselves older versions of Elvis- and carry overtones of elves and dwarves as well.

    (Bonus Princess Bride reference: the surname Elwes, as in Cary Elwes, comes from the same derivation.)

  2. I still think its a lame name :p but I do love Princess Bride....and Westley is my fave.

  3. Haha oh man, totally creepy elf but hilarious. I hear you on holiday shopping, most of mine was done in September!


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