Your face is so ugly it makes me feel bad for you

Sorry I've been MIA for a week. I keep trying to write about what's been going on and on paper is looks like a big ball of boring even though I'm been busy.

We are winding down the Marching Band season. I kinda can't wait to have a life again. The girls are dying to go to to see Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania and we  just don't have any time.

Just two more weeks.....well then the next week is Halloween party week. I think Greg and I decided to go as Charlie Brown and the Little red Headed Girl. So I NEED a dress for a character no one has ever seen. Any ideas?

This week's highlights will be a PTO meeting tomorrow, making picture frames for trainers that will be training at our fall conference, and my Foundations of Effective training class starts tomorrow. I am excited about that. It is the class that will get me credentialed, and more band competitions next weekend. 

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