Number 13

I have plans to check #13 off my 101 in 1001 list. I am having a theme party in just 4 short weeks. There is a million things to do...
  1. Awesome food
  2. Awesome Music (that's actually taken care of)
  3. Awesome decorations
  4. Keep people from getting drunk and peeing in my shoe AGAIN or puking AGAIN
  5. Find a Kick Ass costume
Ok so technically there is only 5. But I need ideas for the BEST Halloween party you have ever seen. Pinterest has been some help but not much if you can believe that.


  1. #4 is hilarious. Good luck lady.

    I cannot WAIT to see all the photos. Any costume ideas yet?!

    As for food and decor what kind of direction are you going? I'm a party pro, I can suggest stuff! It is just a Happy Halloween! party with pumpkins and witches or more on the scary/gross end with body parts and bloody knives?

    1. somewhere in the middle as far as cute/gross food wise I found the lil weenies (haha I love saying that) dressed as a mummy and something made to look like a finger (i'll have to go back and check my pinterest board for that)

      Costume wise I have picked a few I liked. I'd love for Greg and I to do a couple costume but he is not being cooperative. So far I've thought
      Pebbles or wilma Flintstone (I wouldn't even have to color my hair or wear a wig) a mermaid or Greg said M&M's would be good. So far none really good enough to consider keeping.

  2. Ok. I'm just as excited about this as you are because I want to see pictures!! So don't forget to add to that little list there.

    6. Take tons of pictures for blog.


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