just a little annoyed......

I feel like a Seinfeld episode. A life (instead of a show) about nothing.

I seriously was just thinking Everyone I know watches the Walking Dead and I just don't get it. I'm only on episode 2 but still. Did I miss how the zombie apocalypse got started? How is it that these undead things can barely walk and they out run and kill people? How is it that hitting them with a ball bat or something similar will kill them AGAIN? The show makes no sense.
I think I need to read this book. I NEED to understand the Zombie Apocalypse.

Of course I just started noticing that a bunch of stuff in my life makes no sense. Like how can people NOT have an email address in today's world. I'm not talking about old granny people I am talking about fairly youngish business owners. HELLO!! 90% of my business is done via the computer and Internet. I NEED you to catch up with 1990's technology. Why does my little kitty try to drink out of my water glass when he has a whole bowl full of water by his food? Why did it take me so long to think about putting a puppy pad by the trash can where Westley still insists on peeing? How can my boyfriend tell another girl that she's hot and is imaging her naked if he has no plans to pursue it?  I feel like the past is repeating itself since that's how we got together when he had a live in girlfriend. I feel like total crap. Makes me wonder if this is  why he has never wanted to live together?Uggh the whole situation just pisses me off and makes me want to puke. I'm torn between doing what I feared Peggy would do to me and that is send a message saying if you ever talk to him again I will tell you husband you are a cheating cunt. Or something along those line, and kicking him in the nuts. Or both


  1. Not having email is the same as being a zombie in my world.

  2. Ok yes to all of the above.
    But wait a [insert curse word] minute - what happened?!? Greg did not really say that, seriously? Kick in the nuts, asap. And also, email me the story, I need to know what happened so I can have all the facts when I come kick him myself.


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