Is that pee in my shoe

OMG its been 4 days since I've checked in....Have you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth? I promise I have been busy. Lets see what have I been up too.....

Friday I was just too lazy to post. I should have done my usual Hf4F post and honestly I have no idea why I didn't.

Saturday I went to a know its a good party when someone pees in your shoe and pukes on the floor... and in my clean laundry.. Ok you don't know its a GOOD party by that, but you know you are partying with kids a few years past legal drinking age. on the bright side he thought I graduated from high school in 99. I'll take that :)I wish I could say I was awake to tell you about the puke and pee and how every light ended up on.....and all the furniture turned over but i had gone to sleep and apparently missed out on ALL the fun.

Sunday I tried to recover from getting a water bill that tripled my previous bills. I nearly died. Still not sure what happened but I need to figure that out.

Today I drove to our main office and met the girl who does my job for our other area. The new girls are great. I love my coworkers. I took Tom our It guy cookies.....Chips Ahoy since we all know how well I cook lol

I came home to a crock pot full of this The world's best chicken
Nope it wasn't. The chicken had a tangy and not good tangy taste and it seemed too sweet too.....if you can be too tangy and too sweet at the same time lol. Over all I say pass....if you must try some come to my house because I made enough to take to work for lunch and now I REALLY wish I hadn't.

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