biting my tounge

So seriously someone just asked me "So does your husband make a lot of money" I responded with I am my husband. but seriously how rude is that? I'd love to say the person who sad this redeemed herself during the rest of the conversation but she didn't and it got worse. Some people really need punched in the face.

Although, I did buy an awesome form fitting black dress to wear to a benefit next week so maybe I WILL have a husband who makes a lot of money :)

Maybe I should have told her that my next husband is going to be Lars Ulrich (drummer for Metallica)....Although I am iffy about Lars just because I should avoid drummers I don't have a good success rate with them.

or Chris Hemsworth You may know him as Thor


  1. Chris Hemsworth is a year younger than Heather, hon.

    /this has been your headache for the day :D

    1. But he's HOT I can stand someone younger if my being ancient isn't a problem.

  2. I can't believe they asked that! Whose business would it be anyway?!

    1. I know! I was sitting at my desk at work (she was there to see my coworker) looking around my ofice I can't think of one thing that says "Hey I have a ton of money and am just here for the fun of it" I will take pics of my desk area tomorrow so you can see for yourself.


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