When bad things happen to good puppies

I accidentally killed my sisters doggies today.....a doggie I rescued for her....a doggie I called my niece. I am completely devastated. 

I use to work home health. I went into a house that was disgusting about 3 times a week everytime I left I hate to leave the sweetest little shih tzu in the world behind. Every day I would ask them if I could have her. They always said no...until one day they said yes! I took buttercup home and had to wash her 3 times just to get her un-smelly and semi clean. She was so sweet and so cuddly. My sister was looking for a dog and I called her and told her I had the perfect one for her. They bonded instantly and they were inseparable. Buttercup became family. I got Westely soon after I gave buttercup to Heather. They loved each other. We always hoped that they would have babies but it never happened.

Heather comes to visit me a couple times a week and buttercup came too. Wes went in and out to use the bathroom but buttercup was almost solely an indoor doggie. Today Heather decided to tie her out with Wes because it was a beautiful day. I was on my way out and stopped to love on the babies and untangle them, to give them more room to run. Buttercup LOVED going for rides in the car ran under my tire as I backed out and I hit her. She made no sound and died instantly but I have cried all day....I am crying as I type this. I feel  like my heart has been ripped out. Westley is even sad. He keeps going to the door looking for her and when I let him out after he tried to rip the door down, he looked all over the yard for her stopping at the spot that she died. I wish I could restart this day and take it all back. She was so sweet and I took her life. I feel so guilty and heartbroken. So here is to the sweetest most loved Shih Tzu ever. RIP lil buttercup.

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