Whats a movie without popcorn and Dr. Pepper

I decided to officialy cross  number 51 off my list. I use to have a MAJOR Dr. Pepper habit. By major I mean at least a 2 liter a day. Some days that amount would be higher. I started the quitting process kinda slow, by just adding some water to my daily diet. Then I wored my way to just 2 cans a day. Finally about a week ago I finished my last 24 pack and I said I am NOT buying anymore. I haven't either. I drink about a gallon of water a day now. I had a week of headaches and finally I stopped having the cravings, stopped having headaches. I feel confident that I can say I've quit Dr. Pepper.

looking at my list I noticed number 55 I started. I made a menu for a month. The bad news is we didn't follow it. I don't feel I can cross it off if we didn't eat one single thing on the menu. So I need to try again

Also number 19 Catch up on movies I want to watch. I decided the best way to get started on that is at least start with a list of movies I want to watch and haven't yet. Here is my list of movies I need to schedule time to watch.....I hope the girls are ready to pop some popcorn and settle in front of the tv.

  1. Bad Teacher
  2. Bridesmaids
  3. The Dark Knight Rises
  4. Men in Black 3
  5. Snow White and the Huntsman
  6. The Expendables
  7. The Expendables 2
  8. The Vow
  9. Looper out September 28
  10. Frankenweenie out Oct 5
  11. Rise of the Guardians out Nov. 21
  12. Ghost Rider 2
  13. Cabin in the Woods
  14. Wrath of the Titans


  1. The Expendables was bloody terrible- and you know what it takes to get me to say that about an action flick. It wasn't even a good *bad* movie, it was simply bad. Dolph-frigging-Lundgren somehow managed to turn in the strongest performance of the movie; if you're in the mood for "so bad it's good," skip that mess and go watch his old version of The Punisher (though I'd let the girls give it a miss if you get the uncut version).

    Ghost Rider 2, on the other hand, was surprisingly decent. Nick Cage gives a scenery-chewing performance that actually fits the character; it's terribly wonky, but it works.

    1. There are a few on my list I am sure I will sitting on my couch watching alone. Cabin in the woods, Wrath of the titans bridesmaids and Bad teacher to name a few.


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