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This is for Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter :)

A week ago I was dropping my children off with their dad. While doing this we ran into a mutual female friend. She started telling us about how she has been dealing with her child's attitude and one way was she embarrassed him by showing up at school to drop stuff off. Instead of leaving the stuff in the office she walked into a crowded room said hi to all the kids and gave it to her child. She laughed and said next time I am doing it in a low cut top and booty shorts. Then suggested she could borrow some from my wardrobe. Ok that made me laugh because I do have a LOVE of short shorts and skimpy tops. But when she said the child said parents shouldn't dress like that it made me think. Should I change what I like? Am I too old? Do I look as bad as the people who show up at the store in pj's? I asked Abbey and she said I was fine. Although she does like to borrow my clothes and maybe that isn't ok either. So there you go. I laughed, I definitely wasn't better than CATS. :)  And now you know that I dress like a hoochie when I'm not at work.

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  1. haha! I'm so glad I got my answer. That is a hilarious story, definitely don't cry. Maybe she's a little jealous that you look so darn good in your wardrobe! And people just really don't know how to be tactful. Trust me, if I could rock short shorts, I totally would. How you dress on your non work time should be up to you! If what you do/wear isn't embarrassing your kids, it can't be that bad.


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