High Five For Friday

WooHooo its Friday and once again I have a busy busy busy weekend planned. Ballgame tonight, band competition tomorrow, crashing on Sunday.  Here are my top 5 things from the week. Sorry I am picture free :(

1. I got my band shirt finished. It is SUPER SPARKLY!!! I can't wait to get pics so you can see.

2. I officially got my name changed, new drivers license, new voter registration, checking account and work account  all changed to new/old name

3. It was a short week and I got to sleep in on Monday and then spend the day with my favorite girlies.

4. My driver license pic is actually CUTE. I was wondering out loud why I hate every pic taken of me with a real camera and yet I LOVE my  drivers license pics. I realized it must be that the DMV cameras suck so bad that they don't pick up the things I always want to air brush out. So that leaves me with a pic i can tolerate.

5. I am one step closer to getting my trainers credentials. Before I would have had to go for a 3 day training and that just isn't feasible. Now I can do all of it but a few hours online. YIPPEE!!!! Hopefully by January I will be able to PD hours for anyone needing training. I have already started brain storming topics :)

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  1. Congrats on the cute drivers photo! I have never had a good one!

    Also I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”


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