High Five for Friday

This has been an amazing week. Lots of GREAT things have happened. such as

1. We got Emmy scheduled for her Dyslexia test!!!! Thanks to some super people who helped us come up with the money.

2. I paid for my Trainers Credential class Can't wait for it to get started. :)

3. Count Chocula cereal!!!!! I love this time of year. Its the only time of year I eat cereal.

4. I painted my nails a pretty blue and french tipped them in glitter soooo cute. Even if I don't have a steady enough hand to get it perfect
5. Westley's hair is growing out and I'm not getting him groomed again until Spring. I love when he is shaggy as long as he isn't matted.
This is a link up with Lauren :)



  1. Count Chocula cereal?! Yessssss.
    And I love a shaggy Westley too!

  2. Aww Westley is so cute! Hooray for Emmy getting her testing done soon, that's awesome. Hopefully some news will come out of it and she can have some answers.


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