Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya......

So you know I ran over my sisters sweet lil Shih Tzu Buttercup. My Westley (and the rest of us) have been the saddest group of people you'll ever meet. Yesterday my sister started talking about maybe getting a puppy, since she got Scarlet and Buttercup as rescues and missed the puppy phases. I got Westley at about 6 months.....I tell ya nothing feels as soft and sweet as shih tzu baby fur. But anyway. She noticed a number in the paper for shih tzu puppies I said I'd call them. They had one left.....a little boy. I told the lady I wanted it and that I'd come get it tomorrow (today) Then I called my sister and said they just sold the last one. I know totally mean....but they DID just sale the last one.

So today I picked up the puppy and took a pic of it and sent it to my sister with the message....Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you are my owner, prepare to love. She sent a message back with a ? and I called and explained that I just bought her a new baby. She is happy. I took picks of Westley and Inigo's first meeting. I think they liked each other.

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