Emmy update

If any of you have been keeping up with my struggle with Emmy and her school situation, I have a bitter sweet update. After researching and researching and talking to every specialist and non specialist I  can find we are fairly certain Em's trouble is dyslexia. She shows lots of the classic tell tale signs. When I filled out the parent questionnaire I pretty much circled the entire page and turned it back in. That's the sweet part. Its awesome to finally put a name to what we have been struggling with.

The bitter part. The formal testing that will give us the "legal terms" to force the school into a 504 costs 950.00 I am a single mom I don't have almost a grand laying around. The school won't pay for the testing because they say it is a medical problem. The insurance company won't pay for it because it isn't a medical problem. There is legislation in works that will make our public school test ALL children for dyslexia before 2nd grade however that is too long a wait. Em really needs to get this in place now. So until I raise the money we sit back knowing what the problem is but  unable to get the help we need. Its pretty shitty, but not much I can do. Unless you'd like to donate to the get Emmy tested fund lol. In that case I am sure paypal would help.

It breaks my heart when I see her studying for a test and we practice orally over and over  she totally knows the material until she gets to school and takes the test and misses every single one. It breaks my heart that I ask the teacher and the principal and others at the school for any help they can give me and their response is getting her tested for ADHD. :(


  1. Let me make a few calls, and see if I can come up with anything. At the very least there has to be a better deal than that on testing, or some arrangement that can be made on payments. I haven't checked your county in particular, but from what you've said I'm assuming they require a Certified Dyslexia Testing Specialist for the Dx. Any other specific requirements?

    Mom says she'll ask around, too. She was surprised to hear about it; when she was working back east, the county covered the testing cost if you had a doctor's referral.

    1. Yes it has to be a certified dyslexia specialist and there are a limited number of those in KY. No other special requirements just that the person testing be certified. I requested her being tested twice already. Once with the principal and once with the teacher and both times they said no we don't do that. Of course these are the same people that it took me calling the superintendent to even get a conference and that was pretty much a waste of time. Since the school suggested ADHD my guess is they are wanting it to be something that I can give her a pill for and they don't have to put in an effort. I have been labeled public enemy number one at the school. Apparently educated parents fight for their children is frowned upon. Small victories though After working with Em on her b and d reversals for a whole year she came to me today and said I finally got it I write the big letter B and D little d is scared and tries to hug his mommy and b tries to run away. I said whatever works :) I was trying to teach her by saying b has a belly and d has a big but (and takes a dump lol) but she still got them confused. She hasn't gotten fun Friday at school since school started she has to sit in the hallway while her class watches a movie all because she hasn't read the 4 required AR books and taken a test on them. While I understand it is a class rule, it seems cruel to me since she obviously has trouble.


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