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I should have mentioned this in my review of my weekend, but I honestly forgot. I managed to cross some stuff off my 100 in 1001 list, and I have some in progress.

I tried a new restaurant. I get into such a rut. I tend to eat the same thing at the same places every time I go out somewhere. I needed to break the cycle some. We had a long break at the band competition and went in search of food. We ate at a Tumbleweeds. It is kind of like a Mexican/Steak place. Our waiter was funny. I like that in a waiter(ess) but he was fast and patient when I couldn't decide what I wanted. The only drawback was I ordered a steak medium and it was almost well done. That was kind of sad. I had sending stuff back because everyone else is eating and when they finish I'd be just getting my food. Its kind of a hassle. It all tasted good even if it was too done.

Drink more water. Since I stopped drinking so much Dr. Pepper I have replaced it with water. I drink a TON now. It has the bad side affect of having to pee a lot more. I know TMI-sorry! I do feel better now that I drink more water. I don't have insomnia as bad. I have gone back to having the random Dr. Pepper.

This leads me to Flatten my stomach. The scale never groaned when I stepped on it, but for awhile pics of me made me look pregnant. Which is absolutely NOT POSSIBLE!!! It was irritating. I tried just walking and that didn't help really. But honestly I think the water has been the biggest help with this. Also I do pilates when I can find the time. We have a new dance studio in town that offers pilates on Saturday mornings. I can't wait to sign up for the classes as soon as marching band season is over. I won't say I have a 6 pack, or even a 1 pack, but at least my cow tattoo doesn't look hydrocephalus anymore. Yes I did say cow tattoo. He has a name.....its COWVIN. Please don't have me committed but it is a tattoo of a stuffed cow I slept with (and sometime still do).
And the last Do a link party a week. I think I am consistent enough with HF4F that I can count that. I love reflecting back on my week an taking note of all the positive things.

I also have several in separating my pinterest craft and diy board into specific categories, and watching the movies on my list of movies to watch...yes it is an actual written out list. I will tell you all about the movies I've watched lately in another post I promise.


  1. Nice progress girl!! The pop/water thing is huge, I'm impressed.
    Also, I love your tattoo, and I still have my stuffed bear. I don't sleep with him cause I think I'd break him or Hawkeye would chew him, but he's there, on my dresser. No shame!

  2. I want to do better at drinking more water but I am a teacher and can't go the bathroom whenever I want during the day so that makes it hard! :) I just signed up for a membership at the Y and am excited about taking classes - like pilates!

    1. I absolutely understand. I taught Headstart and sometimes I'd be lucky if I could go once a day.

  3. We should make a pact to do a certain number of pilates exercises/jacknife sit-ups/etc, each day.

    I need to get this budding spare tire deflated ASAP, before it starts getting out of hand.


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