Action packed from start to finish

OMG what a weekend. I am not even sure where to start, so I will start at the beginning.

Friday, I picked Em up from school and had a hundred errands to run before we picked up Abbey's friend Mac and went to Em's school's pic nic on the playground.  Emmy's teacher wrote me a note....SIGH. Those of you who have been following me know what issues I have had with Em and school. Those who are new here is a pretty detailed account of what has been going on. The letter basically says she hasn't improved any and asks if I have considered ADHD. Honestly no I never have because when its something she enjoys she can focus all day long, and aside from that she is the least hyper child I know. I wrote her a note back saying that I would speak with her dr about it but that I suspect Dyslexia and pointed out that symptoms of dyslexia mimic ADHD in the zoning out and day dreaming and in ability to stay focused. Which were the things Em's teacher pointed out as being why she suspects ADHD. I added that dyslexia also has the symptoms of inability to read, write, or spell on grade level however the child tests will verbally. These are things that Em also has going on. I reminded her that I mentioned this in the meeting with the principal and other over the summer. She emailed me back and said that she thinks that is a test that needs to be administered by a dr., but that they could administer a learning disability test. Those of you who teach younger kiddies what does that test show? Would it help Em?  I told her I would be talking to Em's dr on Tuesday. If it is ADHD then fine, but I wanted all possibilities looked at because I don't take medicating my kids lightly. Neither child had antibiotics until they were almost 5. So I am sure not going to give them a stimulant unless it is absolutely needed. I think that is just a logical and smart way to be. Being a mommy is hard work.

Friday after the pic nic I took Em and Mac to the high school football game to watch Abbey play with the high school band.....have I mentioned she is the ONLY 7th grader they have? She was totally awesome in my opinion.
Here she is pulling her bass drum.
Here she is playing.

Saturday morning Greg came up and we took all three girlies to the Cincinnati Zoo (crossing off #78 on my 101 in 1001) and the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was a rough start the older girls were a little mean to Em and then Abbey decided to develop an attitude but after several talking to and a month long grounding she improved and the day got fun again. Here are some cute pics from our Saturday. I love the zoo. Greg feels sorry for the animals being caged up. I was bummed that the animals pretty much just ignores everyone and sleeps. I wish they were more active. Greg was impressed with this pic of a tree that has been scratched by a tiger. So glad my sweet little tiger wouldn't do that to me.
doesn't seem possible that this sweet sleepy cat could do that to the tree.
it was so humid my hair was a mess

The art museum was cool. I wanted to go because it was the last weekend that the art of sound exhibit was going to be there. Since Greg is a band director I thought he would appreciate the ancient musical instruments. I loved this one that looked like a pea cock and I definitely thought he needed the walking stick violin only he needs a walking stick guitar. Em was really excited about seeing the mummy. I thought the burial mask was interesting.
Emmy and her mummy
burial mask

Sunday my dad and sister came up for their Sunday visit with us. My sister helped me rearrange my furniture and we did a little shopping.

Monday the girls and I had a few more errands to do, grocery store was one of them. Someone please remind me to go grocery shopping alone. I can never stick to my list not that they ask for stuff its usually that they distract me and I forget stuff. My cashier was soooo adorable, He looked like Harry Potter all grown up. We came home and FINALLY got the clothes put away. However after cleaning the house I have another HUGE pile of laundry.

I also decided that the slowly weaning myself from Dr. Pepper wasn't working so I decided that I am just not going to buy anymore. It is water and water with flavor packets only for me from now on. So of course  I had to drink all the dr pepper that I had in the house. :) Which means it is Midnight and I am still not the least bit sleepy.

I have been watching My Fair Wedding by David Tutera on Netflix. I actually just finished the last episode. I love all the different themes  that they choose. While we were at the Art Museum there was a wedding that was about to take place outside. I kinda felt sorry for the couple because it was sooooo HUMID out. The poor bride would have needed water proof makeup just to make it down the aisle.

I am so sad to see my weekend end. I wish I had a few more days.

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