Its ok....really it is

I have never done  the Its ok Thursday link up mainly because I have a hard time believing things are really ok. But today I'm going to give it a try.
Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK......
to wish today was Friday, because its been a LOOOOONG week

 to be excited that Abbey's next orthodontist appointment is on the same day and the same town as Em's dyslexia test. This means 2 kids with excused absences from school and some shopping time after the Dr.'s

That after 2 years of no cable that I am thinking maybe I need to break down and get it.....and sadly its because of Psych and Drop Dead Diva not updating fast enough on Netflix

That I keep saying I need to clean and organize....well everything and not doing it. (although it is starting to annoy me)

That I am terrified of how busy my October is and I shut my planner/calendar so I don't have to deal with it yet.

That I hate cooking so badly that I'm thinking about doing a month of crock pot meals since my October schedule looks frightening.

That every morning I wish I could come to work in a sweatshirt and yoga pants

That I keep a pair of heels under my desk so I can still wear my flip flops into the office.


loving my job....and non burnt cookies

This is just a small reason why I love my job. I work with some great people.

From: Tom                                                                                                                                     Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:50 AM
To: Holly Grass
Subject: Laptop
When you come up Oct. 1 will you bring the laptop.
From: Holly Grass
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:05 AM
To: Tom
Subject: RE: Laptop
 We sold it for cookie money, hope that's ok.
From: Tom
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:15 AM
To: Holly Grass
Subject: Laptop
Bring cookies.

Just Thinking.......

I have been thinking about setting up a new pinterest account just for the clients at work. I'm a technical assistance coordinator for Child Care Aware in Kentucky. The main part of my job is helping child care centers improve and help their teachers grow and become better.

Its safe to say some place I go into are not very excited about seeing me. Because even though I am nice and sweet and totally cute and snuggly. They see evil lady or wants us to change. I am also addicted to pinterest which I am sure most of you are. The thing is I still pin teaching ideas even though I am no longer in a classroom. I'd love to share these ideas with the people I am helping. I thought maybe they would be more receptive to viewing ideas on a pin board.

Then I thought maybe I should start a new blog too, just for teaching ideas and help. What do you think? What should I call it?

crossing suff of my list

I should have mentioned this in my review of my weekend, but I honestly forgot. I managed to cross some stuff off my 100 in 1001 list, and I have some in progress.

I tried a new restaurant. I get into such a rut. I tend to eat the same thing at the same places every time I go out somewhere. I needed to break the cycle some. We had a long break at the band competition and went in search of food. We ate at a Tumbleweeds. It is kind of like a Mexican/Steak place. Our waiter was funny. I like that in a waiter(ess) but he was fast and patient when I couldn't decide what I wanted. The only drawback was I ordered a steak medium and it was almost well done. That was kind of sad. I had sending stuff back because everyone else is eating and when they finish I'd be just getting my food. Its kind of a hassle. It all tasted good even if it was too done.

Drink more water. Since I stopped drinking so much Dr. Pepper I have replaced it with water. I drink a TON now. It has the bad side affect of having to pee a lot more. I know TMI-sorry! I do feel better now that I drink more water. I don't have insomnia as bad. I have gone back to having the random Dr. Pepper.

This leads me to Flatten my stomach. The scale never groaned when I stepped on it, but for awhile pics of me made me look pregnant. Which is absolutely NOT POSSIBLE!!! It was irritating. I tried just walking and that didn't help really. But honestly I think the water has been the biggest help with this. Also I do pilates when I can find the time. We have a new dance studio in town that offers pilates on Saturday mornings. I can't wait to sign up for the classes as soon as marching band season is over. I won't say I have a 6 pack, or even a 1 pack, but at least my cow tattoo doesn't look hydrocephalus anymore. Yes I did say cow tattoo. He has a name.....its COWVIN. Please don't have me committed but it is a tattoo of a stuffed cow I slept with (and sometime still do).
And the last Do a link party a week. I think I am consistent enough with HF4F that I can count that. I love reflecting back on my week an taking note of all the positive things.

I also have several in separating my pinterest craft and diy board into specific categories, and watching the movies on my list of movies to watch...yes it is an actual written out list. I will tell you all about the movies I've watched lately in another post I promise.

no use crying over burnt cookies

Another busy weekend for me. I can't wait until November when my weekends can be spent sleeping in and watching junk on tv or reading. Instead of this......

The band booster president (for Abbey's band) asked me to bring dessert to the competition on Saturday. I envisioned baking cookies and having cute ones that were decorated with music notes. I imagined it to be a fun experience for me and the girls. What it turned into was

  I forgot butter
  I forgot sugar
  I had to go back to the store for both.
Then the FUN part happened......Fun as in. I set Greg's oven on fire TWICE!!! I also burnt 3 different pans of cookies. Here is a pic of attempt 1. Can you tell what I did wrong?
This is attempt 3. Its just plain scary. I screamed and threw a fit and then went to Kroger and they had the cutest deli cookies in a 50 cookie variety pack with m&m's and other candies in it. I bought a few and gave up on trying to be Betty Crocker. I just can't cook. Its that obvious.
Saturday was a band competition all day (except the brief time I stopped by Greg's bands practice wearing my Rowan County Band tee heheheh I felt so mean. But I love his kids they are great and such good sports they booed me :) but they know in 2 weeks I'll be sitting in the stands wearing their shirt. It really helps that they aren't in each other class.  While Abbey was busy Em enjoyed mommy and Greg time (yes he wore the Green Rowan shirt, I love that he supports Abbey like he does) She talked us into cotton candy I wish I hadn't she was so restless the rest of the competition. But she really loved it.
It was all inhaled in a few bites. Greg was talking to a guy that was judging and when he turned around the candy was GONE :) Abbey's band did great. 1st in their class, best percussion and best guard. looking at the score they actually got 2nd place percussion over all. The band that beat them was AMAZING though...and they only beat us by 2 points. The next closest was 10 points behind us.

Sunday I did get to sleep in and do nothing all day. Greg woke up with the girls and made us all bacon while I slept. I finally talked him into letting me build him a website for the band. Its still a work in progress but here is the link if you want to take a look and tell me what you think. I didn't have any pictures from this year and there is still information I don't have, that I need to get together.

But over all that is the basic idea of the page. I'm pretty pleased with it. What do you think? What should I add or take away?

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High Five for Friday

This has been an amazing week. Lots of GREAT things have happened. such as

1. We got Emmy scheduled for her Dyslexia test!!!! Thanks to some super people who helped us come up with the money.

2. I paid for my Trainers Credential class Can't wait for it to get started. :)

3. Count Chocula cereal!!!!! I love this time of year. Its the only time of year I eat cereal.

4. I painted my nails a pretty blue and french tipped them in glitter soooo cute. Even if I don't have a steady enough hand to get it perfect
5. Westley's hair is growing out and I'm not getting him groomed again until Spring. I love when he is shaggy as long as he isn't matted.
This is a link up with Lauren :)


Emmy update

If any of you have been keeping up with my struggle with Emmy and her school situation, I have a bitter sweet update. After researching and researching and talking to every specialist and non specialist I  can find we are fairly certain Em's trouble is dyslexia. She shows lots of the classic tell tale signs. When I filled out the parent questionnaire I pretty much circled the entire page and turned it back in. That's the sweet part. Its awesome to finally put a name to what we have been struggling with.

The bitter part. The formal testing that will give us the "legal terms" to force the school into a 504 costs 950.00 I am a single mom I don't have almost a grand laying around. The school won't pay for the testing because they say it is a medical problem. The insurance company won't pay for it because it isn't a medical problem. There is legislation in works that will make our public school test ALL children for dyslexia before 2nd grade however that is too long a wait. Em really needs to get this in place now. So until I raise the money we sit back knowing what the problem is but  unable to get the help we need. Its pretty shitty, but not much I can do. Unless you'd like to donate to the get Emmy tested fund lol. In that case I am sure paypal would help.

It breaks my heart when I see her studying for a test and we practice orally over and over  she totally knows the material until she gets to school and takes the test and misses every single one. It breaks my heart that I ask the teacher and the principal and others at the school for any help they can give me and their response is getting her tested for ADHD. :(

Secret Readers BEWARE!!!!

This is for Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter :)

A week ago I was dropping my children off with their dad. While doing this we ran into a mutual female friend. She started telling us about how she has been dealing with her child's attitude and one way was she embarrassed him by showing up at school to drop stuff off. Instead of leaving the stuff in the office she walked into a crowded room said hi to all the kids and gave it to her child. She laughed and said next time I am doing it in a low cut top and booty shorts. Then suggested she could borrow some from my wardrobe. Ok that made me laugh because I do have a LOVE of short shorts and skimpy tops. But when she said the child said parents shouldn't dress like that it made me think. Should I change what I like? Am I too old? Do I look as bad as the people who show up at the store in pj's? I asked Abbey and she said I was fine. Although she does like to borrow my clothes and maybe that isn't ok either. So there you go. I laughed, I definitely wasn't better than CATS. :)  And now you know that I dress like a hoochie when I'm not at work.

secret reader

What do you do when you want to write about something that happened but you're pretty sure the person you want to write about is a secret reader? HAHA!!! Now all of my secret readers and she talking abut me? Umm yes I'm talking about you, stop being a secret reader. That will teach you to read in secrecy.

But in all seriousness something happened to me last week that I want to share because it made me laugh, think, and then feel like shit all in that order. I don't want to hurt the feelings of the person who said it.....even though my feelings were hurt. I guess I am a secret nice person. So what do you do in a situation like that?

To make all my secret readers feel better, it concerned how to dress.....

1 horse power buggy with a full tank of gas

Sorry I have been MIA. It has been a crazy busy week. I took family pics of my cousin, her husband and little boy. They are sooooo cute. Thankfully she has been waiting patiently for a sneak peak because as soon as I did the pics my world got super busy.(I'll post one as soon as I look at them) Friday I worked and did the pics. Then my sister came up and brought the new puppy Inigo. Westley broke my heart. When Heather came in with Inigo, Wes was jumping around and waiting for her to set Buttercup down. Only I am sure you knew I accidentally ran over Buttercup. When Westley realized that the dog she was carrying was not his girlfriend he moped. He was the saddest most pathetic lil puppy ever. Then he got mean and started growling at Inigo. I had never heard him growl before. I kept him with me Friday night and Saturday Heather and I got up EARLY for Abbey's first real band competition. We had to leave the puppies alone all day and I was sooooo worried. We came home to two doggies that had bonded and were playing together. Wes has even seemed happy again. My journey to find Heather a new Shih Tzu made me realize I'd like to start a shelter for Shih Tzu's. I am not in a location that I can do that yet, but it is a goal. I think I'll call it, Princess Buttercup's home for wayward Shih Tzu's. Ok back to the band competition. It was a beautiful day. but we were there until about 11pm after leaving out house at 8a. We didn't get home until after 1. I was so tired I just fell into bed. Here are some pics of the competition.
My baby pulling a bass drum
She's the cutie in the back
Abbey's band won EVERYTHING in their class. Best Percussion (she was happy about that) best color guard, music, general effect, and visual and 1st in their class. It was an awesome night. Although I am fairly sure I have pneumonia now. I just don't do well when I have been breathing night air, plus we were right over the grill so I was directly breathing smoke all night. My poor lungs just can't handle it.

See don't I look too fragile for damp air and smoke?
(I'm thinking about getting a hair cut chin length bob maybe?)
Today after work I had to pick Abbey up from band and then go to a PTO meeting. I didn't get to stay until the end because I had to get home to get the girls in the bath and bed. I hated leaving especially since I'm vice president. But kiddies come first.

I've also been busy writing the guest post for Jess is More. I am so excited and can't wait for you guys to read it.

Also I discovered this website Dogshaming. Needless to say it has made me laugh. I am so glad Wes doesn't eat things he shouldn't. I am thinking maybe I should shame him since he insists on peeing on the cat scratching pad. The cats are not impressed.

And finally I bought new nail polish. Yeah I know that isn't a surprise. I horde nail polish like most woman horde shoes. But I REALLY love Sinful Colors and they have new colors perfect for  fall. Now if I can just find time to dig my fall clothes out of the closet all will be right with my world.

I will leave you with this pic I took on the way to the competition. Even the Amish are effected by gas prices....who'd have thought.

Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya......

So you know I ran over my sisters sweet lil Shih Tzu Buttercup. My Westley (and the rest of us) have been the saddest group of people you'll ever meet. Yesterday my sister started talking about maybe getting a puppy, since she got Scarlet and Buttercup as rescues and missed the puppy phases. I got Westley at about 6 months.....I tell ya nothing feels as soft and sweet as shih tzu baby fur. But anyway. She noticed a number in the paper for shih tzu puppies I said I'd call them. They had one left.....a little boy. I told the lady I wanted it and that I'd come get it tomorrow (today) Then I called my sister and said they just sold the last one. I know totally mean....but they DID just sale the last one.

So today I picked up the puppy and took a pic of it and sent it to my sister with the message....Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you are my owner, prepare to love. She sent a message back with a ? and I called and explained that I just bought her a new baby. She is happy. I took picks of Westley and Inigo's first meeting. I think they liked each other.


Whats a movie without popcorn and Dr. Pepper

I decided to officialy cross  number 51 off my list. I use to have a MAJOR Dr. Pepper habit. By major I mean at least a 2 liter a day. Some days that amount would be higher. I started the quitting process kinda slow, by just adding some water to my daily diet. Then I wored my way to just 2 cans a day. Finally about a week ago I finished my last 24 pack and I said I am NOT buying anymore. I haven't either. I drink about a gallon of water a day now. I had a week of headaches and finally I stopped having the cravings, stopped having headaches. I feel confident that I can say I've quit Dr. Pepper.

looking at my list I noticed number 55 I started. I made a menu for a month. The bad news is we didn't follow it. I don't feel I can cross it off if we didn't eat one single thing on the menu. So I need to try again

Also number 19 Catch up on movies I want to watch. I decided the best way to get started on that is at least start with a list of movies I want to watch and haven't yet. Here is my list of movies I need to schedule time to watch.....I hope the girls are ready to pop some popcorn and settle in front of the tv.

  1. Bad Teacher
  2. Bridesmaids
  3. The Dark Knight Rises
  4. Men in Black 3
  5. Snow White and the Huntsman
  6. The Expendables
  7. The Expendables 2
  8. The Vow
  9. Looper out September 28
  10. Frankenweenie out Oct 5
  11. Rise of the Guardians out Nov. 21
  12. Ghost Rider 2
  13. Cabin in the Woods
  14. Wrath of the Titans

blah blah blah

I have plans to write about the happy things that happened this past weekend, but at the moment I can't stop crying about the sad. To some Buttercup may have been just a dog, but to me she was my niece. I just can't get over the pain right now. Give me a few days  to heal.

When bad things happen to good puppies

I accidentally killed my sisters doggies today.....a doggie I rescued for her....a doggie I called my niece. I am completely devastated. 

I use to work home health. I went into a house that was disgusting about 3 times a week everytime I left I hate to leave the sweetest little shih tzu in the world behind. Every day I would ask them if I could have her. They always said no...until one day they said yes! I took buttercup home and had to wash her 3 times just to get her un-smelly and semi clean. She was so sweet and so cuddly. My sister was looking for a dog and I called her and told her I had the perfect one for her. They bonded instantly and they were inseparable. Buttercup became family. I got Westely soon after I gave buttercup to Heather. They loved each other. We always hoped that they would have babies but it never happened.

Heather comes to visit me a couple times a week and buttercup came too. Wes went in and out to use the bathroom but buttercup was almost solely an indoor doggie. Today Heather decided to tie her out with Wes because it was a beautiful day. I was on my way out and stopped to love on the babies and untangle them, to give them more room to run. Buttercup LOVED going for rides in the car ran under my tire as I backed out and I hit her. She made no sound and died instantly but I have cried all day....I am crying as I type this. I feel  like my heart has been ripped out. Westley is even sad. He keeps going to the door looking for her and when I let him out after he tried to rip the door down, he looked all over the yard for her stopping at the spot that she died. I wish I could restart this day and take it all back. She was so sweet and I took her life. I feel so guilty and heartbroken. So here is to the sweetest most loved Shih Tzu ever. RIP lil buttercup.


High Five For Friday

WooHooo its Friday and once again I have a busy busy busy weekend planned. Ballgame tonight, band competition tomorrow, crashing on Sunday.  Here are my top 5 things from the week. Sorry I am picture free :(

1. I got my band shirt finished. It is SUPER SPARKLY!!! I can't wait to get pics so you can see.

2. I officially got my name changed, new drivers license, new voter registration, checking account and work account  all changed to new/old name

3. It was a short week and I got to sleep in on Monday and then spend the day with my favorite girlies.

4. My driver license pic is actually CUTE. I was wondering out loud why I hate every pic taken of me with a real camera and yet I LOVE my  drivers license pics. I realized it must be that the DMV cameras suck so bad that they don't pick up the things I always want to air brush out. So that leaves me with a pic i can tolerate.

5. I am one step closer to getting my trainers credentials. Before I would have had to go for a 3 day training and that just isn't feasible. Now I can do all of it but a few hours online. YIPPEE!!!! Hopefully by January I will be able to PD hours for anyone needing training. I have already started brain storming topics :)

I'm linking up with lauren

Let's do lunch

I have to admit something to everyone. I hate cooking. I have never liked it. If it was up to me I'd eat microwaved hot dogs with canned sauce every night. Not because I LIKE hot dogs and sauce that much, but because I detest cooking that much.  My ex husband did about 90% of the cooking and the 10% I did was all things he taught me how to cook. Seriously! He could walk into a kitchen that I would consider bare and come up with a 4 course meal. I really hope my kids inherited this skill.

Pinterest has become a life saver. I have found so many great recipes that the kids and I love thanks to this site. If you still don't have a pinterest account just send me your email addy and I will send you an invite. I warn you though, its a time waster.

Since school has started I have heard nothing but complaints from my kids about the quality and quantity of school lunches. seriously Obama should be grateful that my kids can't vote because his wife's changes have NOT endeared them to my kiddies. lol That being said I have found myself packing our lunches more and more. Which means I am on pinterest more and more looking for ideas. Because nothing sucks worse than eating the same thing every single day...The girls add unless its eating the crap that they are serving now.

I stumbled across this blog and have spent an hour now just looking around and being inspired. Here is her pinterest board to project lunch box. So far the girls are still wanting to eat the same things over and over again (Emmy a turkey sandwich and Abbey a PB&J) but I'm oping I can break them out of this rut. If for no other reason that I have a serious love of containers.....and these are some CUTE containers. I feel I need to add. I am not getting anything out of giving Bento Lunch Boxes a shout out. I just think they are cool.

An event two years in the making.........

Abbey gets her braces off today!!! After photos of her very expensive smile will come later....until then here are some shots of Abbey sporting her mouth bling.

Abbey with her robot at Science Camp
here she is pre braces
and another pre braces
an that concludes our photo tour of Abbey's mouth. Thank you for being patient. Maybe tomorrow I will actually write about something important.

Action packed from start to finish

OMG what a weekend. I am not even sure where to start, so I will start at the beginning.

Friday, I picked Em up from school and had a hundred errands to run before we picked up Abbey's friend Mac and went to Em's school's pic nic on the playground.  Emmy's teacher wrote me a note....SIGH. Those of you who have been following me know what issues I have had with Em and school. Those who are new here is a pretty detailed account of what has been going on. The letter basically says she hasn't improved any and asks if I have considered ADHD. Honestly no I never have because when its something she enjoys she can focus all day long, and aside from that she is the least hyper child I know. I wrote her a note back saying that I would speak with her dr about it but that I suspect Dyslexia and pointed out that symptoms of dyslexia mimic ADHD in the zoning out and day dreaming and in ability to stay focused. Which were the things Em's teacher pointed out as being why she suspects ADHD. I added that dyslexia also has the symptoms of inability to read, write, or spell on grade level however the child tests will verbally. These are things that Em also has going on. I reminded her that I mentioned this in the meeting with the principal and other over the summer. She emailed me back and said that she thinks that is a test that needs to be administered by a dr., but that they could administer a learning disability test. Those of you who teach younger kiddies what does that test show? Would it help Em?  I told her I would be talking to Em's dr on Tuesday. If it is ADHD then fine, but I wanted all possibilities looked at because I don't take medicating my kids lightly. Neither child had antibiotics until they were almost 5. So I am sure not going to give them a stimulant unless it is absolutely needed. I think that is just a logical and smart way to be. Being a mommy is hard work.

Friday after the pic nic I took Em and Mac to the high school football game to watch Abbey play with the high school band.....have I mentioned she is the ONLY 7th grader they have? She was totally awesome in my opinion.
Here she is pulling her bass drum.
Here she is playing.

Saturday morning Greg came up and we took all three girlies to the Cincinnati Zoo (crossing off #78 on my 101 in 1001) and the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was a rough start the older girls were a little mean to Em and then Abbey decided to develop an attitude but after several talking to and a month long grounding she improved and the day got fun again. Here are some cute pics from our Saturday. I love the zoo. Greg feels sorry for the animals being caged up. I was bummed that the animals pretty much just ignores everyone and sleeps. I wish they were more active. Greg was impressed with this pic of a tree that has been scratched by a tiger. So glad my sweet little tiger wouldn't do that to me.
doesn't seem possible that this sweet sleepy cat could do that to the tree.
it was so humid my hair was a mess

The art museum was cool. I wanted to go because it was the last weekend that the art of sound exhibit was going to be there. Since Greg is a band director I thought he would appreciate the ancient musical instruments. I loved this one that looked like a pea cock and I definitely thought he needed the walking stick violin only he needs a walking stick guitar. Em was really excited about seeing the mummy. I thought the burial mask was interesting.
Emmy and her mummy
burial mask

Sunday my dad and sister came up for their Sunday visit with us. My sister helped me rearrange my furniture and we did a little shopping.

Monday the girls and I had a few more errands to do, grocery store was one of them. Someone please remind me to go grocery shopping alone. I can never stick to my list not that they ask for stuff its usually that they distract me and I forget stuff. My cashier was soooo adorable, He looked like Harry Potter all grown up. We came home and FINALLY got the clothes put away. However after cleaning the house I have another HUGE pile of laundry.

I also decided that the slowly weaning myself from Dr. Pepper wasn't working so I decided that I am just not going to buy anymore. It is water and water with flavor packets only for me from now on. So of course  I had to drink all the dr pepper that I had in the house. :) Which means it is Midnight and I am still not the least bit sleepy.

I have been watching My Fair Wedding by David Tutera on Netflix. I actually just finished the last episode. I love all the different themes  that they choose. While we were at the Art Museum there was a wedding that was about to take place outside. I kinda felt sorry for the couple because it was sooooo HUMID out. The poor bride would have needed water proof makeup just to make it down the aisle.

I am so sad to see my weekend end. I wish I had a few more days.

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