To rant or not to rant

I know this is my blog and I can write about anything I want. Especially when I have things on my mind. BUT, I am also deep down a nice person who doesn't want others to have hurt feelings so I refrain from complaining about things as much as I can. At the moment I am teetering on how nice I should be and when I should stand up to the bullies. It is sad to me that adults act more immature than their children. At the moment that is all I will say about the situation but you are more than welcome to send me a private email to get all the gory details.

Now on to the happy stuff. Abbey is doing great in band. She is loving it. I can't wait to take pics of her in her uniform for everyone to see.

The house I had been looking at sold which is sad, but I bet there is something out there that is even better. I just have to be patient a little while longer.

School starts back for the kiddies in two days. I don't have them that day so we will have to do a second day of school photo shoot :)

Greg has a kitten. A solid black kitty named Sam (I'll post pics before this weekend)

Westley got a cute haircut. I love when he gets groomed. He always smells so good for a about a week.



  1. i say let the bullies have it.
    adults who act like children need to be enlightened.
    sorry to hear about the house though :(
    you'll find your dream home soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about the bullies & stuff! I definitely think that you should stand up for yourself & say something... And I feel the same way, I wish adults would act a little more grown up (sometimes I wonder if I am back in high school with the way some people act!) Hopefully your situation gets better!


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