My weekend

Its 8:00 I can't come up with a better title than my weekend. I know I totally suck.

So what did I do all weekend? Pretty much nothing. I spent some quality time with my boys.
Tiger and Lil Kitty

Oh yeah and I may have spent some time with this guy......

and he may have made me this.......
the best wings I have ever eaten. I will be so sad when it is too cold to grill.

He may have also made this......
and there may have been some of this involved too...
I also bought Abbey this....which means tonight is a girls night in night.

and now I am back at work and its a Monday.

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  1. Aw look at those fur babies! I love them. Looks like a delicious weekend, and let me know how the Hunger Games is, I still haven't seen it (or read the book)


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