Its just a fantasy of mine.

I was reading Hollie's blog. She was talking about her boyfriend's fantasy football team and that reminded me. I have a fantasy football team. My draft is tomorrow and I am kinda nervous. Its my first year doing this and I am excited and nervous. I love football. Believe me it is HARD being a football fan in a basketball state. I feel like the black sheep.
For the record I also think I am the only person in the state that would rather root for Tennessee.

I was talking about my picks last weekend and I mentioned I have Peyton as my #1 draft pick with Eli backing him up. It was suggested that since the bronco's aren't use to Peyton's playing style it may be a better idea to go with Eli as my first pick and Peyton backing him up.....This seems like cheating on Peyton though......Its times like this I wish Troy Aikman hadn't retired.

So whats your thoughts on my fantasy football picks?


  1. Don't do fantasy football - but as you know - I love me some football. My son does a family/friend thing where we pick each week - and at the end of the season, one with most wins - wins all the money $20pp. I won last year($220)oh yeah and look to repeat this year!

    You have a new follower - ME!!

  2. Yay! I love new followers. I have never done it before either. I started a new job in July and they have a league. I just had to join. Draft day is today and I am soooo excited. I hope you win this year too!!


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