Gentlemen Start Your Engines......

Guess who got offended by this line? If you guessed ME you are correct. Greg took me to Bristol over the weekend. So why did I get offended? Ummmm Hello! Danica was racing. I admire her for a few reasons....Number 1. She didn't NOT start her engine like I would have done. She was classy enough to ignore the obvious omission of the fact that she is penis free.
Number 2. She started last but even with a car killing wreck she didn't finish last.
Number 3. She didn't scream and cry as I would have done after getting wrecked and
Number 4. Her pit stop place (not sure the fancy racing lingo lol) had a tongue stuck out face on it.

Yup it was my first racing experience and honestly I really enjoyed myself.  I saw some interesting people
  1. Fat men should never go topless.....EVER

      2. Santa Clause LOVES NASCAR
 3. While I think cowgirl boots and a dress looks cute is it really race appropriate? It looked seriously uncomfy.
4. For a moment I wanted a Toyota so I could get in the exclusive Toyota owners area.
5. Pants really should be pulled up

Greg found his new guitar

Doug (Greg's brother) found his next girlfriend lol
You may remember last week that I was iffy about who to cheer for. I did finally commit....Kinda. I narrowed it down to 2. and they are.......
Danica who just happened to get stopped post wreck in front of us
Kevin Harvick because he's HOT and one of his sponsors is Holley Carbs
I was lucky that the people in front of us didn't show up so my feet at its own foot stool

Because I am a good Blog friend I took this picture for Stephanie
I love how my camera makes them look like they are sitting still.

If you'd like to see more of my Bristol adventure here is the link to my photobucket


  1. Those are awesome and hilarious photos! So jealous that you got to go. But, true story, I HATE Danica. Seriously, it makes me mad ever seeing her out there. She is simply not good enough. Male or female, you have to be better than to wreck every. single. time. you race. Argh!

    1. I understand that, but she hasn't even officially moved up to this class yet, she is just testing the waters. I'm sure she will get least I hope she does.

  2. Oh man... I want to go to a NASCAR race just to see some amazing people!!! SO FUNNY!!!


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