High Five For Friday

Sooooooo happy its Friday. Here is 5 awesome  things from the week.

  1. I made the ranch/Italian dressing roast that is all over pinterest this week. The girls love it. Its become a kid favorite.
2. Walmart started selling my favorite brand of nail polish and I am now 5 bottles richer. I hate living in a town where my only shopping choice is walmart. Although I should be grateful there are actually counties around me that don't even have WalMart.
3. Abbey has her first ballgame tonight marching with the highschool. I am so proud of her.
4. Emmy and I have a pic nic on the playground at her school tonight before the ball game the girls have a friend staying all night tonight and then tomorrow.......
5. We are going to the zoo. I love the zoo. The polar bears are my faves. We are also going to the art museum. WoooHooo. I am so excited.
Also I guess it goes without saying its a long weekend. Boy am I excited about laying around in my pj's all day Monday.
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From My Grey Desk

Its just a fantasy of mine.

I was reading Hollie's blog. She was talking about her boyfriend's fantasy football team and that reminded me. I have a fantasy football team. My draft is tomorrow and I am kinda nervous. Its my first year doing this and I am excited and nervous. I love football. Believe me it is HARD being a football fan in a basketball state. I feel like the black sheep.
For the record I also think I am the only person in the state that would rather root for Tennessee.

I was talking about my picks last weekend and I mentioned I have Peyton as my #1 draft pick with Eli backing him up. It was suggested that since the bronco's aren't use to Peyton's playing style it may be a better idea to go with Eli as my first pick and Peyton backing him up.....This seems like cheating on Peyton though......Its times like this I wish Troy Aikman hadn't retired.

So whats your thoughts on my fantasy football picks?

101 in 1001 Revised

I started this list many months ago and then just stopped trying to cross things off. Then with the change of job a few items on my list are no longer relevant. So here is my revised list.  Finish date Jan 26, 2015

101 in 1001

While reading blogs the other day I discovered Cows, Corn, & Country Girls and her 101 in 1001 challenge. I am all for a challenge. I also need some goals to point me in the direction. I want to go in. Everyone who knows me knows I adore list making. So this challenge was right up my ally.

Here are the basic details of the challenge:

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Progress Tracking:
items will be crossed through when completed

Here is my list:
  1. buy a House
  2. refinance my car
  3. raise credit score 100 points  
  4. get engaged (not really sure I still want this goal. but I'm leaving it here until I decide)
  5. have 3 social dinners with friends
  6. start saving from every check
  7. buy a kindle fire
  8. learn to play guitar
  9. get a more polished look (thanks to the new job I can't be a bum at work in jeans and a tee)
  10. organize 3 friends closets
  11. find my old poems and back them up
  12. get better at corn hole
  13. host a theme party
  14. learn to sing
  15. sing in public
  16. go to the blue wisp
  17. go on vacation
  18. figure out how to keep car organized
  19. catch up on movies I want to watch (in progress)
  20. try a new restaurant
  21. go camping
  22. get a new tattoo
  23. meet 3 new people
  24. read 50 books
  25. see the MUMMIES
  26. see Hayseed Dixie
  27. learn how to do simple car maintenance oil, breaks, wipers
  28. completely house train Westley (in progress)
  29. separate my pinterest craft and diy board into smaller boards 
  30. become a credentialed trainer (in progress)
  31. make more money
  32. make a 5 year career plan
  33. make 200 in one month selling thirty one
  34. set up a TPT account
  35. make my classroom efficient
  36. start writing a novel
  37. make a list of projects the house that need done
  38. buy a cricut 
  39. write a manual for subs
  40. walk 1 mile a day for 1 month
  41. lose 10 pounds
  42. flatten my stomach
  43. get toned
  44. try zumba
  45. make my own cleaning products
  46. learn 5 new recipes
  47. make a cookbook of family favorite meals
  48. try vegetarian 1 night a week for a month 
  49. try fish
  50. eat fruit once a day
  51. quit pop
  52. drink 8 glasses of water everyday for a month
  53. use the crock pot once a week for 4 months
  54. learn how to make gravy
  55. keep a menu for 2 months
  56. grocery shop only once a week for a month
  57. have 20 followers on my blog
  58. daily page view of 50
  59. post everyday for 3 months
  60. do a link party a week
  61. get a pretty blog header
  62. write an e-book
  63. make my blog look cuter 
  64. comment on 10 blogs a week
  65. link to blogs I follow on my blog
  66. blog about completed goals
  67. Read 1 new blog a week for 3 weeks
  68. do 1 fun activity a week kids choice
  69. be involved in pto
  70. help children open a savings account
  71. take children to library 2 times a month
  72. help the girls start their own craft project
  73. have a girls night in/out once a month
  74. help the girls set 3 goals of their own
  75. help them develop a system for organizing their room
  76. help them work out differences without butting in
  77. ask daily how school was and listen for 3 months
  78. take girls to the zoo
  79. take girls to the circus
  80. organize storage room
  81. organize girls clothes
  82. update our daily routine
  83. make a family binder (in progress)
  84. learn to extreme coupon
  85. make an emergency preparedness list/plan (5/1/12)
  86. compile 75% of items on that list
  87. develop a more efficient system for cleaning house
  88. organize external hard drive
  89. clean out junk room
  90. organize pics
  91. back up pics
  92. take more pics of my children
  93. learn to use photoshop
  94. take 1 new pic a day for 30 days
  95. organize my purses and bags
  96. take more pics of westley and buttercup
  97. digitize my non digital pics
  98. fill my etsy shop with 20 items
  99. try 10 craft items from my pinterest board
  100. paint a picture
  101. sew a dress

how pinteresting......

Its been about 2  million years since I have done this link up.I think I'll start with a nerd joke.....

I'm feeling a little lazy today so i'm just gonna say all items were pinned via Holly on Pinterest
Ok now on to some serious pinning....

Something like this......
Or this......

or this......




So last night was the first PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) meeting for the middle school. You are looking at the Vice President. So are you wondering what was so awkward about this meeting? Let me paint a pictures......

A few years ago I was 17 and a high school senior.....Yes I said a few years :P I was dating a guy that was several years older. He had a good job and bought a place beside his parents and asked me to marry him. I said no that I didn't want to live in that town for the rest of my life...(ironically Greg lives in that town and I am there ALL THE TIME) We dated until I left for college and then split up. He started dating and then married a girl I had senior seminar with.
This was me (and his hand at prom.)
and for good measure a pic of me my freshmen year at college
Are you still guess what was so awkward (not counting the blast from the past pics)?
He and his wife moved to the town I live in.....and she was at the meeting. Actually she holds an office as well. So now I get to continue seeing her and possibly him some too.
The meeting was a great first meeting. There will be all kinds of great things happening. I am super excited about. Stalking ex's is NOT one of them. It was interesting to see 3 full sets of parents at the meeting. I like when Dad's get involved. Although it kinda made me sad. When the girls dad and I were married he didn't go to meetings like that with me. He would go to school programs and important meetings with teachers. I wish I had that kind of relationship. But that being said. There is something good to say about coming home at 9 and snuggling on the couch with lovey balls of fur while eating bagel bites, and watching sappy movies on Netflix. Because that is exactly what I did.


Gentlemen Start Your Engines......

Guess who got offended by this line? If you guessed ME you are correct. Greg took me to Bristol over the weekend. So why did I get offended? Ummmm Hello! Danica was racing. I admire her for a few reasons....Number 1. She didn't NOT start her engine like I would have done. She was classy enough to ignore the obvious omission of the fact that she is penis free.
Number 2. She started last but even with a car killing wreck she didn't finish last.
Number 3. She didn't scream and cry as I would have done after getting wrecked and
Number 4. Her pit stop place (not sure the fancy racing lingo lol) had a tongue stuck out face on it.

Yup it was my first racing experience and honestly I really enjoyed myself.  I saw some interesting people
  1. Fat men should never go topless.....EVER

      2. Santa Clause LOVES NASCAR
 3. While I think cowgirl boots and a dress looks cute is it really race appropriate? It looked seriously uncomfy.
4. For a moment I wanted a Toyota so I could get in the exclusive Toyota owners area.
5. Pants really should be pulled up

Greg found his new guitar

Doug (Greg's brother) found his next girlfriend lol
You may remember last week that I was iffy about who to cheer for. I did finally commit....Kinda. I narrowed it down to 2. and they are.......
Danica who just happened to get stopped post wreck in front of us
Kevin Harvick because he's HOT and one of his sponsors is Holley Carbs
I was lucky that the people in front of us didn't show up so my feet at its own foot stool

Because I am a good Blog friend I took this picture for Stephanie
I love how my camera makes them look like they are sitting still.

If you'd like to see more of my Bristol adventure here is the link to my photobucket


Counting down 4 days and counting

Shhhh......Don't tell Greg but I am really excited about my first Nascar race on Saturday. I even bought a decent flat iron so I didn't have to wake up so early to curl my hair and then fret about it all day.

I have been back and forth about whether or not I should take my camera. Greg said we could use his iphone camera (yup I still don't have a smart phone) and I know Id have to lug that huge camera around all day...but honestly I think Id just regret not taking it something awful. I have a zoom that will let me get SUPER CLOSE to the drivers while they are on the track. Obviously having never been to a race or to Bristol, I don't know what I am in form but I don't want to miss out either.....Sometimes I hate being so indecisive.

Like my inability to commit to a driver. Shew I don't know why it is such a stressful ordeal for me. Greg keeps trying to buy me a shirt....I keep resisting. I don't want to wear a shirt to support someone I am not 100% crazy about. He jokingly (I hope it was jokingly) suggested a Dale jr. shirt.

I was surprised to see the schedule for the race. I kinda just thought you showed up watched a race and left. I didn't know there was so much stuff going on.

Stephanie notice the Kasey Kahne meeting at 5. I will try my best to swing by that and get a pic for you.

Sat., Aug. 25

Credential Office Hours
7:00 AM - 7:30 PM
South Entrance
Souvenir & Display Areas Open
9:00 AM
Kids Zone Hours
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Display & Gate 4
Souvenir Store Hours
8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Bruton Smith Bldg.
Food City Shuttle Service
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Dragway Campground to Food City
Guest Welcome Village Opens
8:30 AM
Orange Bridge in Display
SPEED Stage Opens
9:00 AM
SPEED Stage in Display
Ford Charity Cornhole Classic
9:00 AM
Special Event
Ticket Office Hours
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Bruton Smith Bldg.
Guest Relations Hours
8 AM - 11 PM
Bruton Smith Bldg.
Caldwell Luncheon
11:00 AM
Special Event
Hospitality Village
Ticket Booths Open
All Locations
Spectator Gates Open
1:00 PM
All Gates
Hospitality Village Opens
1:00 PM
Hospitality Village
Lyndsey Highlander Concert
2:00 PM
Earhart Campground
Eric Paslay Concert
2:00 PM
GAC Stage, Display Lot
BMS Track Tours
2:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Special Event
PRN Up to Speed
3:30 PM
SPEED Stage in Display
Marcos Ambrose
3:30 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Diet Mtn Dew Half-Mile Club
SPEED Pre-Show Party
4:00 PM
SPEED Stage in Display
Kevin Harvick
Approx. 4:40 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Bud Tap Room
Bobby Labonte
4:30 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Pit Road Party Zone
Danica Patrick
4:45 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Hospitality Village
Jeff Gordon Q&A
4:45 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Hospitality Village
Brad Keselowski Q&A
4:45 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Hospitality Village
Kasey Kahne Q&A
5:00 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Hospitality Village
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
5:00 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Diet Mtn Dew Half-Mile Club
5:00 PM
SPEED Stage in Display
TJ Majors (Dale Jr.'s spotter)
5:15 PM
Driver/Celeb Appearance
Diet Mtn Dew Half-Mile Club
LAWLESS Pre-Race Ceremonies Begin
5:30 PM
Jamey Johnson Concert
IRWIN Tools Night Race
7:30 PM
Winner's Toast
Special Event
NASCAR Victory Lane
SPEED Stage in


My weekend

Its 8:00 I can't come up with a better title than my weekend. I know I totally suck.

So what did I do all weekend? Pretty much nothing. I spent some quality time with my boys.
Tiger and Lil Kitty

Oh yeah and I may have spent some time with this guy......

and he may have made me this.......
the best wings I have ever eaten. I will be so sad when it is too cold to grill.

He may have also made this......
and there may have been some of this involved too...
I also bought Abbey this....which means tonight is a girls night in night.

and now I am back at work and its a Monday.


High Five for Friday

This is the first HF4F I've done since I started my new job....which honestly isn't very new anymore.

1. Emmy has had a good week at school. This is such a relief to me. Although she did leave her homework folder at school 2 days in a row. Thankfully we live super close to the school and the teacher was still there. She read a chapter of her book last night and didn't fuss or fight about it.....actually she asked if she could read an extra chapter. I was soooo happy. Apparently the key is Babysitter club little sister books. I will buy all in the series if it means she will read.

ok this is an od pic of Em but I think its super adorable and it is my blog so I can put outdated pics up if I want :)

2. Lil Kitty and Tiger (and Westley) all get along like siblings. Actually the furbabies get along better than the real siblings. My only complaint is that they all want to sleep on top of me.

3. I get to see some of my most favorite people this evening. I don't have pics sorry. But maybe they will be nice and let me take a pic.

4. I am really loving my job. Today I am visiting some of my centers and seeing how they are doing and if they need anything.

5. Its Friday! I don't know about you but I desperately need a weekend of sleeping.

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First time for everythings

Greg bought us tickets for the Bristol night race next weekend.

I have never been a Nascar fan. I've never been to  race and I have never had a favorite driver. In fact I have usually made fun of those extremely rabid fans. So imagine my adjustment to the fact that Greg LOVES Nascar. We listen to it or watch it every Sunday. I have even slowly started recognizing names of drivers.

Since I am going to my first ever race, Greg said I needed a driver. I suggested the name that my Peyton Manning loving soul brother roots for (Kyle Busch). After all if he is a Manning fan he can't have that bad of taste right? Greg said "Don't you dare" So I moved on to the driver that my ex brother in law likes (Jeff Gordan) and this time Greg said "WTF" I just don't think I have it in me to root for Dale jr......Because I have an evil ex named Dale.

I sat down with NASCAR.com and went trough the drivers.....My criteria
  1. Has to drive a Ford (I love my lil Focus)
  2. They can't have a name of someone I dated and now dislike
  3. Has to have something interesting about them that I like
I narrowed it down and then picked the one person that fits all the criteria. And the driver is......(where is Abbey with a drum roll when you need one?)........
Doesn't he look excited to be my driver? For those not in the know his name is Marcos Ambrose. He drives a Ford....he is sponsored by Stanley, which is my dads middle name. He is my age and his car is owned by Richard Petty.  

Greg said I needed to buy a shirt, but honestly I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet. 


am I living under a rock?

Reese Witherspoon is Pregnant!?! How did I not know this? I am seriously crushed. We have always had our pregnancies together..

pics FINALLY!!!

Look a post with pics. I think I need to either get a phone with a better camera or get a lil camera to go in my purse. I love my DSLR but it makes taking random pics of my life hard.

The boys in the house out number the girls. Meet the newest edition to our family so far its name is lil kitty although I am sure we will think of a better name soon.
I went to DCI finals with Greg's band. It was fun. Abbey has decided that she wants to march with Phantom Regiment. She has a few years before she can try out but I told her if thats what she wants then I will send her to drum camp next summer.
This is at Lucas Oil Stadium home of the Colts. I was so excited to be standing on the 50.....so excited to walk through the tunnel....I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan (yes I know he plays for the Broncos now) but just being on the field where he had been was sooo awesome.

Also I discovered the blog  http://surisburnbook.tumblr.com/ it is too hilarious.

First day of school blues

Its the first day of school for my kiddies and my boyfriend (different school systems) This is how my day begins. I wake up with a giant head ache. I am not sure if this is caffeine related or not. Something tells me it is stress. I leave early so I can stop by Emmy's school and talk to her teacher. Em and school stresses me out completely. Read archieved posts from early in the summer to get the whole story. The abbreivated version is. We had a horrible teacher last year. She didn't contact us at all with any problems and apparently there were major problems because she tried to hold her back(without a conference or prior notification) They say Emmy can't read and that she needs to be in 2nd grade again. She moved up and I can't remember exactly but I want to say like 4 reading levels last year. They say she has no comprehension of what she is reading. I worked with her all summer and this is what I noticed. She CAN read she is just terrified of it. She has NO confidence in her ability. None! She can read every single word on a page but if you put it together in a paragraph or heaven help her a book she gets so caught up in the fact that it is BIG and she literally has an anxiety attack. They say this is because she isn't ready. Not sure why not instilling the confidence isn't the most important thing instead of letting her continue to have anxiety. This reminds me of two situations.

Abbey needed braces. We had been seeing the orthodontist for months for prelim consultations. When it was time to get the braces on the orthodontist asked Abbey if she was ready Abbey said no because she was nervous. So the orthodontist said they were going to hold off another 6 months. I said if they wait for her to be ready it will never happen. I took her to a different orthodontist and she had her braces put on in a matter of weeks. She gets these braces off in 3 weeks.

Mike's dad has social anxiety disorder. He was literally trapped in his house by the fear he had of being outside in public. He lived like that for over 5 years. He got sick and was forced to go into the hospital. Now he is able to get out on occasion. All of this is because they had to.

Emmy didn't walk until she was probably 15 months old. I was worried. She would stand up on things and hold on to things and just never walk alone. I left her in the church nursery one Sunday and when I went to pick her up I mentioned how she doesn't walk. The ladies in the nursery didn't say anything but the look they gave me said differently. I watched Em closely and caught her walking....then she HAD to walk and she did.

I can't wait until she has the confidence in her own ability to get up and walk. It kills me that people don't have the belief in her ability that I have. It kills me that she doesn't have the self confidence in her own ability. I think that is what hurts the most. That she is scared to spread her wings and fly.

I cried today when I left her school. I cried because I know my baby and they are looking at scores and tests and grades. It breaks my heart. Her new teacher who I had to fight to get my child into her room told me that Em just may not be ready to read and she didn't want me mad at her. This tells me that the committee told her how mad I was about the teacher last year. I assure her that as long as she keeps me posted about everything then we will be fine. If Emmy is really struggling then we will discuss moving her to a different class. Actually, Mike and I have discussed moving her to a private school. Financially this would be all on my shoulders but If it is what is best then I will do what I can.


Bye Bye Dr

I have decided that I am giving up Dr. Pepper. This is gasp worthy if you know me in real life. I live with a can in my hand. But I have decided that I need to be healthier (I even walked a mile yeterday) and drink more water. It is a slow hard process, but I did learn that 2 excedrin migraine and 3 ibuprofen just barely numbs the lack of caffeine headache.

To rant or not to rant

I know this is my blog and I can write about anything I want. Especially when I have things on my mind. BUT, I am also deep down a nice person who doesn't want others to have hurt feelings so I refrain from complaining about things as much as I can. At the moment I am teetering on how nice I should be and when I should stand up to the bullies. It is sad to me that adults act more immature than their children. At the moment that is all I will say about the situation but you are more than welcome to send me a private email to get all the gory details.

Now on to the happy stuff. Abbey is doing great in band. She is loving it. I can't wait to take pics of her in her uniform for everyone to see.

The house I had been looking at sold which is sad, but I bet there is something out there that is even better. I just have to be patient a little while longer.

School starts back for the kiddies in two days. I don't have them that day so we will have to do a second day of school photo shoot :)

Greg has a kitten. A solid black kitty named Sam (I'll post pics before this weekend)

Westley got a cute haircut. I love when he gets groomed. He always smells so good for a about a week.

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