weekend wrap up

Do I have to wrap up my weekend? As weird as the weekend was I stilll wanna be curled up on the couch watching psych on netflix.  It seemed like Greg and I have let ourselves get under each other s skin.  I am having the problem of thinking about things WAAAAAAAY to much which makes me cranky.

Problem number 1: His marching band show this year is Native Spirit it’s a Native American show. Ok anyone who knows me in real life knows this is a sensitive topic for me.  My 3rd great grandfather was a Sioux Chief (Chief John Grass). I have family still living on the reservation. There customs mean something to me even though I have never lived them.  I asked him not to make the show cheesy or offensive. So this weekend he mentions that they are thinking about having the drum major (field commander) wears a head dress. I about lost it. I said absolutely not and explained that head dresses were for warriors not the women and that every feather on that headdress is earned and that it is a very sacred thing.  

Problem 2: Abbey is in marching band with the high school in the county we live in. This means, I won’t see him on weekends during the whole season, unless he does the same competitions as us. He doesn’t think they are going to a few I am sure we are. This means it will be about 6 weeks of not seeing him. He has been pretty bad about coming to see me. He has only done it a dozen times since we have been together. He said we can take turns diving to each other’s house during the week and on Sunday’s. Logically I am thinking “yeah you have said we’d take turns before and take turns always means I travel to him” I know he hates coming to my house because I have my pets inside. I guess looking back this is why he is so against making our relationship anything more than it is.  He said he felt like I was scolding him all weekend.

Take those two issues and then throw in the email I received and it was a very interesting weekend.

I hate when one part of your life is going great and the other starts to show signs of wear and tear.


  1. Im so intrigued by your native american history, I think its never considerate that things events like the marching band use "props" that mean more in the actual culture.

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