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Do I have to wrap up my weekend? As weird as the weekend was I stilll wanna be curled up on the couch watching psych on netflix.  It seemed like Greg and I have let ourselves get under each other s skin.  I am having the problem of thinking about things WAAAAAAAY to much which makes me cranky.

Problem number 1: His marching band show this year is Native Spirit it’s a Native American show. Ok anyone who knows me in real life knows this is a sensitive topic for me.  My 3rd great grandfather was a Sioux Chief (Chief John Grass). I have family still living on the reservation. There customs mean something to me even though I have never lived them.  I asked him not to make the show cheesy or offensive. So this weekend he mentions that they are thinking about having the drum major (field commander) wears a head dress. I about lost it. I said absolutely not and explained that head dresses were for warriors not the women and that every feather on that headdress is earned and that it is a very sacred thing.  

Problem 2: Abbey is in marching band with the high school in the county we live in. This means, I won’t see him on weekends during the whole season, unless he does the same competitions as us. He doesn’t think they are going to a few I am sure we are. This means it will be about 6 weeks of not seeing him. He has been pretty bad about coming to see me. He has only done it a dozen times since we have been together. He said we can take turns diving to each other’s house during the week and on Sunday’s. Logically I am thinking “yeah you have said we’d take turns before and take turns always means I travel to him” I know he hates coming to my house because I have my pets inside. I guess looking back this is why he is so against making our relationship anything more than it is.  He said he felt like I was scolding him all weekend.

Take those two issues and then throw in the email I received and it was a very interesting weekend.

I hate when one part of your life is going great and the other starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Blast From the Past

What does it take to kick  a missing in action blogger in the ass and get her to post again? Apparently an email from a long lost love.

Everyday I think to myself....."self, you have hundreds (ok really 27) followers that would LOVE to know how awesome things are going with this new job. (pretty darn awesome) They'd love to know how the kiddies are doing (growing like weeds)...they'd LOVE to know that you are still alive. (mostly I think)" I tell that self that I am too busy. 

Today, I checked my email and got a message from the guy that I always considered the love of my life. The man I KNEW (naively apparently) that I would have my children with, that I would grow old with, that every random thought about every idiotic topic I'd share with. Obviously that didn't work out as I had planned since we broke up 3 months before our wedding.

"Ummm Holly....how did that inspire you to talk to us again," you ask. You are asking right?

Shew ok good. Well he said he found me through this blog, when he googled me. So I thought if people are going through the effort of googling me, and then reading my grammatically illiterate ramblings then I should do them the honor of giving them something to read. Even if that something is short and sucky.

So to catch everyone up. For the first 2 weeks of being in my new job I didn't even have an office phone or a computer that had speed faster than a three legged hamster running on a wheel. As of last week I had internet at my desk....AND my phone rings now. Sometime more than I want. It still startles me when it does. I am getting a better grasp on my job duties. I had a conference call on Friday with the other "me's" across the state. It was fun to hear all the different accents. It was also fun to hear everyone's questions and ideas on how we can do our job. Are you wondering what that job may be? in plain English. I help people open child care centers. I help teachers and directors do a better job in child care centers and preschools. I help those that aren't doing a great job get better before they get shut down. Thats in a nutshell. I have 10 counties I cover. Its an awesome job I love it so much.

Abbey started band camp this week. She loves it. I knew she would. Its in her blood. She is the only 7th grader and she is doing amazing. That bit of information is coming from the kid of a friend of mine that I asked to look out for her. I can't wait to annoy you all with pics of her at ballgames and competitions.

Emmy has the big test that she has worked all summer for next Monday. I am so freakin anxious about that. She is absolutely capable of reading any word put in front of her (well within her grade level) but as soon as you put those exact words together in a story she has a massive anxiety attack and starts freaking out about how she can't do it until I just have to say "DO IT NOW!" in my best mommy voice. not sure how this will translate come test time.

Thats pretty much us right now. I promise I will try to start posting regularly again.


Monday Monday

You know the best thing about today? It was a Monday that didn't FEEL like a Monday. Its the start of my second week of work and I am absolutely LOVING it. Today my desk was delivered. Once everything is set up I will post pictures. I spent the day sorting teacher resources and making a list of what materials I have so I can pass the info along. I still have a ton to do, but its going well. I love my work environment (so far).

Sunday Social

I said I'd start today with my regular link parties and I am a little late but at least I managed to link with.....

Sunday Social

Favorite TV show of the past:
Friends, ER and Seinfeld. I felt an empty hole on Thursdays for about a year after Friends ended.
Favorite TV show currently:
Psych and Drop Dead Diva
 Which Reality Show would you NEVER do? 
Pretty much any. I am not athletic and I hate having to do gross things so pretty much I will sit on my couch and watch others do them. Actually to be honest I don't even watch Reality TV
 Which Reality Show would you LOVE to?
I really wouldn't LOVE to do any. But if I had to do one, it would be bachelorette.
TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?
Susan Mayer from Desperate Housewives 

I'm melting, I'm melting.......

Wow I hate that I just abandoned this blog all week. Please forgive me. The new job started on Monday and I have been driving to the main office, which is 2 hours away a few days. Then trying to get my office set up. But I am absolutely LOVING it. I went from teaching Head Start to being the Technical Assistance Coordinator for a 10 county region. I'd tell you everything I do but its kinda long. Pretty much if you are a teacher or director or Child Care Center owner or hopeful owner and you need help with anything you call me and I work my magic.

I should have read the last thing I told you all about because I absolutely can't remember. Did I tell you I got my hair cut?
Did I tell you it was Melt your face off hot and I insisted on cleaning out my car because I knew I'd have a long drive on Monday?
Did I tell you its melt your face off HOT? I can't even think its so hot. We are in desperate need of rain. All the fireworks were canceled because its just too darn dry. We haven't had a decent or even half way decent rain in a million years. Everyone's grass is brown and crunches under your feet. I was bummed the way my ex and I have arranged our visitation this is the first time I had them on the 4th of July and I was so hoping we could watch fireworks together. Maybe it will rain and they will reschedule. Anyway.....I'm off to a cookout in this million degree heat. I promise I'll be back to my regular updates and link parties starting  tomorrow. 



this and that

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I have had so much stuff going on. Wouldn't you know I didn't take ANY pictures :( First things first, I got my hair cut and colored. Its still red just a slightly different shade. Greg has a friend that is a magician and he came to visit and did a little show for the girls. He is seriously talented. They had so much fun. I had so much fun. He told them if they learn some tricks that he will teach them some more next time he comes to visit. Then I took the girls to see Brave which is a super cute movie. Then today was day one of my new job. I had to drive to the main office which took me about 2 1/2 hours. My brain is fried right now but I promise tomorrow will include a detailed post about my new job.

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