oh, how Pinteresting

Wednesday is here again. I tell you the weeks are flying bye. Before I know it I'll be back at work. Which brings me to my pins this week. I started a new board for work attire. I teach at a very laid back school. I can wear jeans and any shirt as long as it has no logo and doesn't show too much skin. I can even wear flip flops. The (possible) new job is business casual. Which means I need clothes....and shoes.

This is of course a link up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple 

I am not a dress person but I love this so much
I love Dear Abby
I know I won't be teaching kiddies anymore but I can still pass cool stuff along
This reminds me of a lesson I did with the "runaway bunny" sooo cute
sooo true. Good things always happen when I let go.


  1. I like these! Definitely love that whole outfit, so pretty

  2. I love that dress! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness - the mouse and the teddy bear in the little tin are about the sweetest thing ever.

  4. ohmygosh i love all of these - that outfit is the cutest! :) great blog girl!

  5. Oh my goodness, that first pin, the outfit...I WANT!! All the quotes are great, too.

    And thank you so much for looking into signing up for the CPS-3 study!! I really appreciate it.

    1. You are absolutely welcome. Cancer is so scary to me. I will do whatever I can to help.

  6. What an amazing post and what a nice blog you have. Am a new follower. Hope you follow me back. Please, let me know=)*


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