Oh, How pinteresting

I am linking up for my weekly oh, how pinteresting at the vintage apple. I have such a pinterest addiction. I could stay on it for hours just pinning away. Here are a few of the things I have pinned this week.

don't you just love hate when people do this? I really think some people live for the drama.

I'd love to star gaze from this thing.
I'm totally scared of the dark
totally want to try this
I totally want this for my cute Shih Tzu, Westley
I so love this I wish I had a place to wear it
This would be so cool in a pool
so true


  1. Awesome pins! Those floating pool lights are so cool! :)


  2. The dog shirt pin was adorable and i can totally relate to the last pin!

  3. haha omg I'm totally still afraid of the dark! Glad it's not just me...

    1. I have been my whole life. Night time is fun at our house the girlies and I run for the beds as soon as the lights go out. If we were to ever have a power outage we'd probably die.


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