Friday High Five

WoooHooo its Friday that means a H54F post and a link up with Lauren. Since I am on summer break my days are running together. I almost forgot about today's link up. Anyway here we go...

  1. I forgot that dark Shadows we ending last night at our theater so today the girlies and I are starting our Girls weekend by going to the nearest "big city" which is an hour away and watching the movie and most definitely doing some shopping. 
  2. Greg stopped by yesterday and helped me clean my storage room. The room was so bad you couldn't walk through it. We loaded up a bunch of stuff to donate and I have to say it looks a million times better. My sister could probably use it as a spare bedroom when she comes to visit. I just hate that, that is all I have seen him.
  3. I finally got the conference scheduled with Em's teacher from last year. I had to contact the superintendent. I hated that  I had to it that way. I asked opinions from all my teacher friends before I did it. 
  4. Did I mention I'm on spring break? I have had the hardest time sleeping at night but its  ok because I have no job I have to be at in the morning. 
  5. I have new followers this week. That surprised me and made me happy. Hi new followers....Thanks for reading the craziness that goes on in my head.  

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