Confession time

I have a secret. Only those that REALLY know me irl know this about me. I am so embarrassed to say this, out loud, for everyone in blogland to read and judge me. Ok here goes......

I don't really like jewelry and I really don't know how to accessorize. Which may be a reason why I don't like jewelry. Every single piece I wear I never take off and each piece has a meaning. Like the Celtic knot band I bought while in labor with my oldest. Or, the twisted band that my great great grandfather made his wife for a wedding band. Its over a hundred years old and has been passed down through the family. There is a story about how it got stolen when I was in high school and by a crazy twist of fate I found it in Greg's hometown (which is in another state). That's pretty much it for me and jewelry.
That's not so bad you say? Ok how about this secret. I HATE shoes. I'd rather live in flop flops than anything else. As soon as I come home the shoes come off (even the flip flops).

Tomorrow will be another stay tuned for my High Five For Friday post.

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  1. I love jewelry but have a hard time accessorizing too! It's something I'm slowly starting to work on!


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