Birthday fun

Its Monday which means second interview day. I am super excited and nervous and really really really wanting this job.  So thoughts and prayers are definitely welcome!

I seriously had a busy weekend. It started with Greg's birthday party on Friday. We grilled. By WE, I mean He grilled and I played with Westley.

I think he makes the absolute BEST wings I have ever eaten. They are better than Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters combined. I promise there is a post coming about this with directions on how to make it. After grilling, Greg and his band played music and I hung out with the guests. Looking around the party it is so funny to me that everyone is teachers except 2 people. It was so much fun.

Waking up the next morning we travel to Virginia to visit with his family. I love his family. His parents are the sweetest people EVER and his mom is going to make me fat. We had yet another cookout and I snuggled all over the cutest little one week old baby, and his big sister. Such cuties.

Sadly all the fun just killed me and I crashed on the couch and slept for HOURS missing all the daylight time and missing out on playing cornhole. Do you guys play hornhole where you are? If not its a bean bag toss kinda game where instead of beans the bags are filled with corn.

 I am pretty terrible at this game. So terrible in fact that I googled throwing techniques. That improved my game by about 75% that being said I am still not great at it. But I am such a competitive person. I like to be great at everything I do. 

Before heading home I talked Greg's brother into taking me on a Razr ride. 

I love this toy. I want one of my own. Only sadly I really have no where around my house to ride it. There is a hill that is almost completely straight up and down. This does not really do it justice.

It  has the most beautiful view.

This is the hill looking at it from the top. Yup we rode up that. It wasn't even in 4 wheel drive. So  thankfully it has seat belts.
The weekend wore Westley out too.


  1. Aww sleepy Westley! It looks like a fun weekend, can't wait for the wing recipe :)

  2. Googling cornhole throwing techniques absolutely cracks me up - I would totally do that, too! :) Westley is a cutie!

    1. I got laughed at but it helped. I google nearly everything.


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