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Yesterday, I posted about how I had 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. By my calculations I have until Jan. 26, 2014 to complete my goals. Keep in mind I suck at math. One of those goals was make a list of items for my emergency preparedness kit. Today I did some research and I believe I have that list compiled. I {heart} lists. They make me feel, in control.

I have the list separated into a 72 hour kit which will be portable and can be taken with us when we leave and a 30 day food storage kit.

This is the aftermath of an F3 tornado I survived. This was down town. After this I realized I NEED to be prepared

I have to admit my first husband tried everything in his power to get me involved in preparedness. I would have nothing to do with it. I don't know what my reluctance was. It took living on my own, with my precious girlies to make me realize in case or emergency they are going to rely on ME and I have no one I can rely on. I have been involved in 2 very close calls and both times I drug my feet and buried my head in the sand about the oncoming emergency until I was forced into action. I can not live like that anymore. I have to be a positive role model for my girls. The first emergency was a flood and I barely got out. Thankfully my house was not destroyed but most of my neighbors were not so lucky. The second 2 years later was the tornado I mentioned above. The second was the scariest because it completely destroyed the town. I was fine. My boyfriend was fine , but no one knew that because we couldn't get word out to let people know we were safe. It could have been so much worse that it was. I don't want to just rely on luck. I want to be ready.

So the list looks something like this. This is an AT LEAST amount. I wanted to have a goal to shop for. I am just guessing on the amounts. I am basing it on what I think we would use in a month.

In my 30 day food storage I will have
  • 1 gal. of water per person per day (90 gallons) 
  • canned fruit 60 cans
  • canned meals 30
  • mixes like tuna or chicken salad 60
  • trail mix 2 large bags
  • cereals in the resealable bags (4)
  • beans in cans (a variety black, pinto, kidney etc..) about 30 cans
  • canned soup 90 cans (the girlies LOVE soup)
  • dried soup mixes 30
  • boxed juice 10
  • dry milk 3 boxes
  • crackers (a variety saltine, cheese, wheat etc) 15 boxes
  • peanut butter  4 jars
  • jelly 2 jars
  • beef jerky dried meat sticks 4 bags
  • granola bars 5 boxes
  • instant pudding 60 
  • hard candy/suckers 3 bags
  • pastas (variety)
  • instant oatmeal (6 boxes)
  • powdered drink mixes (variety) 10 boxes
  • canned meat chicken, tuna, salmon 40
  • ketchup 2 bottles
  • distilled vinegar 2 bottles
  • honey 2 bottles
  • flour sugar 1 bag each 
These are not food items but I feel like they belong stored with the food storage for quick access
  • Plastic utensils
  • manual can opener
  • zip lock bags
  • paper towels
  • baby wipes
  • extra trash bags
Now that I have a basic list started I can make a plan on when I am going to purchase them and where I am going to store them.  It may be time to work on another item on my list....learn how to extreme coupon. It would be awesome to start a plan to get everything on sale. I {heart} sales...almost as much as I do lists.

Ok now that I have your attention lets look at my 72 hour kit list. I saw the cutest 72 hour bag for doggies. It drapes over their back.....absolutely adorable. One of those is on my list of things to get Westley so he can be prepared too.

In each of our bags there will be
  • enough food for 3 days (I made a table showing three days of breakfasts, lunch, and dinner and filled it in using my 72 hour kit based on items that were easy to carry and that the girls liked. an example is 3 instant oatmeal, 3 granola bars, 1 can of soup, crackers, peanut butter water, drink packets and a bag of beef jerky
  • candy gum sucker
  • manual can opener 
  • container to put food
  • water
  • journal (because we all love to write)
  • deck of card each bag gets a different game etc uno, playing cards, go fish
  • hand sanitizer 
  • carmex, 
  • tissue 
  • tooth brush and paste
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • disposable utensils
  • extra clothes
  • poncho 
  • flash light and batteries
  • matches in waterproof container
  • medical kit band aids, antibiotic ointment, mask, bandanna, pain reliever alcohol pads dressing
  • list of important phone numbers and contact info
  • knife
  • hand warmers
  • hat
  • gloves
  • multi tool
  • sunscreen
  • wipes
  • bug repellent
  • Em's bag will have a stuffed animal
  • my bag will also have a copy of all important papers I'm actually also working on a house hold binder so it will come with us as well and will hopefully have all the important info I'll need right at my finger tips.
We can't forget Westley his bag will have

  • 3 cans of doggie food
  • 3 baggies of dry food
  • treats
  • his favorite toy 
Have I left out anything that you may have in yours? Feel free to share with me what you keep in your kit

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