Wonderful Wednesday

What do you get when you take 3 teachers, a bunch of instruments, and summer vacation? A rockin' house on a Wednesday night. The girls love when its music night. Greg is such a great boyfriend. He lets the girls join in and play with him and his friends. Here are some pics  and videos of my loves having fun.
Meet Greg. He's waving and saying Hi readers of Holly's blog.

My Abbey 

My Emmy

and now for the videos. 
Greg is probably the best drummer I have ever heard. I swoon. I also happen to love the  sound of his voice. 

Here he is singing.....Jeff on the drums. Jeff has only been playing for a year.

Abbey on drums. I am a pretty proud momma

Emmy's first time on the drums. I'm super proud of her.  

All of these songs are covers. We do not own or pretend to own the rights.

So pretty much a typical night with the Greene/Grass/McKenzie's. Did you catch that Greg's last name is Greene and mine is Grass? We get teased about that a lot. I apologize for the bad lighting. I'm sure you noticed that our stage area is the kitchen. I would really love to build a room on to his house just for playing music. 

Hope your week has been as rockin' as mine.....and if not there is always the weekend. 

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