Things I notice and an awards ceremony

Things I noticed while driving Greg's truck

  1. I can see forever. Being up high is nice
  2. I feel like I could drive over 75% of the cars on the road and not even realize it. I can only imagine its what driving a tank feels like
  3. 75% of the cars on the road suspect I might run them over and not even realize it.  At least that is how I am rationalizing them staying out of my way.
  4. The girls and I are sitting close. This is not necessarily a good thing. When they don't want to touch each other.
  5. The driver side has no vanity mirror. How do they expect someone to put on their make up with no mirror. 
For the record I never apply make up while driving. but today was Abbey's awards day at school and I was running late and put my make up on in the truck while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Abbey received the Honor Roll Award and Outstanding Musicianship award, but really who cares about the honor roll.

 Look at my baby wearing my clothes and looking so grown up.  Shew she will be the death of me.


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