Stress relief/ how to make a Kindle cover

Shew I am full of stress. Dealing with Emmy's situation is making me super emotional and restless. I decide to put some of that to use and make the cover for Abbey's Kindle. I adapted it from directions I found here. I didn't have a hard cover book that I  didn't read so I used two pieces of cardboard.

Materials Needed:
2 pieces of cardboard cut to size of Kindle
Fabric about an inch bigger than Kindle.
and a ton of glue sticks

I took the cardboard pieces and added some tape to make a book shape. I cut out fabric and added about an inch all around so I could fold and glue.

Once I had it all folded and glued I added felt to one side and on the other I added more of the blue fabric.
I still need to add a way to keep it closed I'm thinking a pretty button and I need a way to keep the Kindle inside. I'm thinking elastic
please don't look at my ugly nails. I have been so stressed, i've chewed them off and the polish  is a mess. You'd never  guess I have over 70 bottles of polish.

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  1. Love it! I feel so bad hearing about Emmy's situation :( That's really awful that the teacher just refused to ever get back to you. They really need to retest her and not hold her back, because it's not going to do anyone any good. She's clearly a fast learner if she moved up that many levels! And has a dedicated mom to help her. I hope they come to their senses


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