So mean

I had to run back to my school today to get the fish I forgot. While there I noticed a mom and her kid on our playground. I very nicely told them it wasn't a public playground (they had to pass through two fences to get to it and there is a HUGE sign that says Head start outdoor learning center) So they can't tell me they thought it was. The mom said come on honey she's being mean and not letting you play at the park anymore.

This really made me mad. How is me telling he not to trespass being mean? I was looking out for them, what if her or her  child got hurt and we didn't even know they were there? What is she hoping to teach her child that she blames it on me being mean. People need to take responsibility for their own actions

To unwind after a day of breaking kids hearts I made smores with my own kiddie and warmed my feet by the fire. I also started two craft projects. One is a Kindle case the other is repainting some old jewelry boxes. I'm sure I'll be sharing them soon.

I love a good camp fire. 


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