Oh, How Pinteresting

I have been procrastinating cleaning and organizing my storage room, which means I have spent a huge amount of time on pinterest this week. Here are some of the things I've pinned.

Yup this is how I feel 
My absolute dream house
inspiration for my office
would love to do this minus the crib and baby
this is similar to mine i heart nail polish
possible DIY
haha I feel this way after a rough week
Mmmmm Bacon
nuff said

Happy Pinning and if you need a pinterest account just send me your email and I'll be happy to set you up.

I'm linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple


  1. Love every single pin!!! That first one had me laughing so hard.

    I am having a give away on my blog... You should totally check it out! :)

  2. I love that nail polish rack. I definitely need to make one of those for my apartment next year. Great pins!

  3. Great pins! I would love to have those drawers. They are so pretty. And it is getting to the point that I almost need a nail polish rack like that. Eek! lol

  4. i love your pins! that project with the white christmas lights and the hula hoop is great!

  5. Hahahaha! I am LOVING the pants/and/or bra one!! That is so the truth!!

  6. That lemonade pin is too funny!


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