Monster House

Does anyone remember the tv show called Monster House? It had Steve Watson as the host (swoon). My boyfriend and I were listening to the radio and an OLD country song came on "I'm gonna hire a whine-o to decorate out home..." That reminded me of that show. They would take a regular house and decorate it to fit a theme like pirate or something like that. It was so fun. I was telling him we should do that to his house. He needs a bachelor pad on steroids.


  1. I love when a song reminds you of something like that. And I am all for this bachelor pad on steroids. Mainly because I want to see what it looks like!
    x Jes,

  2. He is a Band Director and has a HUGE, actually that's probably not even a big enough word to describe his music collection. I was thinking it could be something like that. I'd love to do it for him. He totally deserves it.


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