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I have kinda mentioned my drama with my youngest daughter and school in the past. Let me lay it all out because I really need some advice about where to go from here.

Some back story:

Emmy has always struggled with reading at the beginning of the year she was reading on a kindergarten level (she's in 2nd grade) although by the end of the year she has moved up to a middle of the 1st grade level. That's a 7 reading level jump. Very impressive in my opinion.

At Christmas the teacher sent a message saying she requested a conference. I wrote on the report card days that I'm available. I teach Head Start so anytime after 3 and any Friday's are good. That left her pretty much anytime. I never heard a word back. My ex husband and I both have been in the classroom several times and not once did she say she needed to speak with us or that she was having trouble reaching us as she later tried to say to me. 

and now..

Ok now you should be current. Last day of school Emmy gets her report card and she is bawling her eyes out that she is being held back. I live maybe a mile from the school so as soon as I get home I call the school. The teacher is not there. I leave a message on her voicemail asking her for the conference we never had. No response. My ex husband visits the school the next day the principal isn't there and neither is the teacher. Again he asks that we be called. Later the day I am called by the guidance counselor. We have a very heated conversation but she says they will retest Emmy a week before school. After doing  research I realized that there may be an appeals window that I just don't know about. I contacted the super intendent about getting a conference with the teacher and she did call me today although she wanted it to be just a phone call. To be honest I lost my cool and was harsh and not very collected. Although she is leaving me a spelling list at the office and I imagine I will have a heated conversation with the principal when I go in to get it.

The teacher said she tried calling me and got no answer. I said if thats the case my ex husband and I have been in the classroom several times and something could have been said about reaching us. I do not believe a child should be held back if she is making the progress that Emmy is making, especially if everything else is fine.

I am drafting an email to the super intendent but honestly I am very full of anger and I know that, that will solve nothing. What I want is Em to go on to 3rd grade and a list of what we should be working on this summer to make sure she is ready. I am not usually difficult to deal with. I just want what is best for my child. I feel this teacher dropped the ball.

So what should my next move be? Anyone knowledgeable with the Kentucky Education System?


  1. I wish had some words of advice, but all I have for you is "what the heck is that teacher doing???" seriously. I would be mad too. I know that probably doesn't help you. or maybe it does? ;)

  2. Shew I wish I knew what she was doing. I have no idea how to get this reversed. Her father and I have talked about pulling her out and putting her in private school but ouch that is expensive. Another option is home school but we work day jobs so Id have to find something else work wise. I just wish I knew where to go and what to say next. I get so angry talking to these people that I can't stay focused. My boyfriend has been a great help, but he teaches high school and in another county so he really doesn't know what to tell me.

  3. Wow, sounds like your situation is rough. In Illinois, it's near impossible to hold a child back because of all of the documentation the teacher has to complete throughout the year in order to prove that the student truly has not made progress. Perhaps you should ask for objective proof?

  4. There is no proof and I am assuming that is why I have not been granted a conference. She has made extreme progress in reading this year, moving up 7 reading levels. I am so frustrated by the whole situation.


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