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Update: After a nap and google I fixed my issue. Yippee!!!

Woke up this morning and checked the blog and noticed that everything that was on my sidebar is now jacked up and showing up at the bottom of my page. After working on it for several hours I deleted all gadgets including the follow button (so if you are just dying to follow me come back a little later). My goal is to get it figured out, but I am NOT computer savvy. So I am taking a break and going shopping. If you know how to fix my problem feel free to leave me a comment. You'll be my best friend forever if you can help.



  1. Well you fixed the follower button at least, because it worked for me! :) It looks to be back to working order though, nice job

  2. Yay! a follower. Thank you for stopping by and being my friend :)


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