kindle how did I ever live without you

I am a technology hold out. I really hate the idea of change until I am, in some cases forced into it. I was the last to get a CD player (showing my age, I know) I was scared of those little discs they didn't seem as sturdy as my cassette lol RIGHT!

I was the last to get a DVD player....come on my VHS works GREAT!!!

I was the last to get a MP3 player.....but I LIKE my CD's ;)

My daughter got a Kindle for her birthday. I asked her if I could set it up for her while she is camping.....OMG how am I going to live without one? I NEED one. She has a basic Kindle, and I think its awesome. A Kindle fire is on my want lists from the 101 in 1001 days list. I may need to be rushing that along. I really really really love it.

Have I mentioned I don't have a smart phone? I just hate the idea of paying the extra smart phone fees. If embracing technology is going to be this much fun I may need to just take the iPhone plunge.


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