I'm so done

I'm so done with school that is. WooooHoooo summer break is here. I have been looking forward to this since Christmas break. I am ready to get started crossing stuff off my summer fun to do list. First up, I am taking the girlies to Kings Island. For those of you not from around here. It is an amusement park a few hours from me. Greg is taking his band and one of the perks of a band's director girlfriend is all the long bus rides I can handle. Wait until fall, I am sure he will love to share his every growing collection of, Holly asleep on the art photography. Its a pretty extensive collection.

The girls need this trip, I need this trip. It has been a long school year. Heck this week has felt so long I keep thinking today is Friday. Although that may be because we had graduation for our kiddies today. I'd love to share pics with you but I left my camera at home. I know, I completely suck. Thankfully a coworker remembered her camera and she is going to post pics for me. So pics coming soon.

Emmy had a rough week as well. We learned that she is being held back a grade. Correction we learned that they say she is being held back. Her dad and I have both been trying to get in contact with the teacher. She is not returning our calls just like she didn't schedule a conference with us. I did get a call from the guidance counselor. We worked out an arrangement where Emmy will be tested again the week before school starts and we will discuss our path from there. I plan on having documentation in place showing the negative effects of retention. A little back story is Emmy struggles with reading. This year is moved up 7 reading levels. Which is seriously impressive she moved up a year and a half in reading level but she is still behind. Her father and I have plans in place to tutor her and have her reading on level by testing date.

I am sure you will hear all about our progress throughout the summer. Its a big project for us. But its necessary. I have thought about maybe leaving my teaching job and going back to health care where I can work nights so she can be home schooled. Its just an option at the moment. I love my job but as always my babies come first.

A few of the things about the situation that bothers me is that a conference was never set up even though I said anytime and gave dates and times I was available. The first we heard about it was when Emmy saw it on her report card. I have been livid that this is how they chose to handle the situation. When I spoke to the counselor I was proud of how I handled things I have the red head temper especially when I know what is right and when my girlies are concerned. I also dislike that after several phone calls the teacher won't return our calls. I understand that this school has a lot of uneducated and low income parents. Her father and I both have degrees, we understand the importance of a GOOD education and we will do what needs to be done to make sure that our children get that.

Its really nice to be on the same page with an ex about these things. I would hate it if we disagreed about what is the best path to take. So for Emmy we will band together and get through this rough patch. She is worth it.


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