High Five For Friday

Yipeee!!!!! Its Friday. I have thought it was Friday since Wednesday. I believe this has been the longest week ever. Not a bad week just a loooooooooong week. The week has been full of some cool things.

One. I broke my oldest child's Kindle. I'm not actually sure how I did it because I didn't drop it or drop anything on it. The screen got all striped and you couldn't read the screen. But I called Amazon and they were super awesome. The nicest customer service I have ever dealt with. I was expecting them to say nothing could be done, but they said since we had only had it 3 days it was still under warranty. They sent us a brand new. It only took 2 days to get to us. Amazon is pretty awesome, and so is the Kindle.

Two. I got a flat tire on my way home from my boyfriend's house. He totally took care of everything. He loaned me his truck, bought me a new tire, and brought me the car when it was fixed. He's a pretty awesome boyfriend.

Three. School's out for summer....wooohooo. I am so glad to be off for the summer. So are the girls. We have some serious tutoring plans for Em. We also have some fun plans.

Four. The boyfriend was taking the band to an amusement park and we took the girls. Yes we had to chaperone 30 kids. They are great kids and we had no trouble. We never do. We took a charter bus on the trip which makes it so much nicer than riding on a school bus. While Abbey and I were riding 2 rides that Em wasn't tall enough to ride, Greg took her on some rides she could ride. They rode one ride 4 times (and she rode it 2 times once we caught up with them) The girls had a blast. Abbey kept saying I don't want to  ride, I don't want to ride. As soon as she rode something though she LOVED it and wanted to do it again.

Five. I had graduation for my headstart kiddies. In the past we have had it one class at a time at our center. This year our managers wanted to do something different and have all classes per county graduate together. This meant I'd have both of my classes graduating together. We rented the old middle school gym because it would be the cheapest place to hold parents for all 34 children. I'm so glad we did. We filled one side of the gym. I wanted to do something fun so I passed out boxes of various shapes and told parents to create a float for their child. They can either push, pull or carry the float. only thing I asked was the float had to have their name on it somewhere. I wish I had pics of these. They were super cute.We had a parade around the gym it was too cute. I had a parent hug me and tell me it was obvious we had worked hard. Boy did we. We couldn't practice because I didn't have the kids all together, but it still turned out great. Only problem was we needed a sound system. I'll know that for next year and can get the boyfriend to come help.

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