Happy Abbey Day!!!

12 years ago today I did something I didn't think I'd ever get to do. I became a mommy. After 18 hours of labor and 3 pushes my sweet Abbey became the center of attention, and she has been demanding nothing less every since.

I have PCOS and at the time I was trying to conceive we didn't really know what was wrong. Finally, I found an awesome dr that not only told me what my problem was, but helped me get this awesome child. She is the best pre teen I could ever ask for. She is smart, funny, and sweet....as long as you aren't her sister. Seriously though this child frets when she gets a B...haha I would have LOVED a B at her age. She has a 100% in Band and Science and high 90's in everything else...and for the record my boyfriend is NOT her band director. We live in another county so that is a nepotism free grade :)

Birth story you ask? Ok so you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you..because I am a mom and that is what we do.  So the day was May 1, 2000 and I was huge and uncomfortable and feeling like poo and honestly did not feel like driving the hour to work. So I did the one logical thing I could think of and I called in to work and said I was in labor. Then about 2 hours later when I woke up from a nap, the realization of what I said sunk in and I thought "yeah this is going to go well" how to you hide the fact that you aren't really in labor. I cleaned my house and started making a shopping list. While making the list I started to feel twinges of something. I started to get excited....but they weren't regular. I got a piece of paper and started keeping track of how often they were. I did mundane things like walk a half a mile to the post office, had a pic nic with my husband, and then I went to the grocery store. I also stopped at a little booth and bought a ring its a silver band with Celtic trinity knots on it. In the last 12 years I have only taken this ring off for child birth and surgery. Back story.....my Dr said I'd know I was in labor when my contractions were 10 times stronger than my worst period....I waited.....and waited...and waited some more. Finally my husband got tired of waiting and after about 14 hours of labor he loaded me in the car and made me go to the hospital. shortly after arriving they broke my water and we waited some more. Just when the pain was getting worse than a period I got sick. They checked me and not only was I fully dilated but she was crowning. My Dr came in as her head was trying to come out. I was giddy and couldn't stop laughing and he told me to not laugh or even sneeze that she was on her way out....I pushed 3 times when he was ready and out she came.

I wish I had a younger pic of her on my laptop

She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. She had a full head of dark hair and blue eyes that looked like ice. Now she is so grown up. She steals my clothes and shoes. She lets me know when I am being uncool and she tells me I'm the best mommy in the world.

Happy Birthday to the most awesome (almost) teenager I know! Being your mom is a pleasure.

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