This week has flown by. Sheesh at this rate I'll be starting work again and my summer of complete laziness will be over. Here are some fave things that happened this week.


This is kind of mine and Greg's anniversary weekend. Only not really. haha Have I gotten you confused? Greg is 5 years older than me. I first saw him when he worked my band camp my senior year of high school (clarinet nerd here). I say I saw him because we never spoke, and he never noticed me (pout). I did think, "Damn he's hot" but we didn't speak.  Thankful a friend of his that also worked our camp, remembered me. The friend invited me to Greg (and his live-in girlfriend's house) to listen to them play music. That night got us talking and we went out the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We called it "Prom" as code because he was skipping out on working prom that night. All good things must come to an end because she soon found out about us and he stayed with her and I got remarried. When he came to his senses I was unhappily married (my marriage lasted only 8 months) The divorce has taken over a year...and counting. but, that's another post entirely. Anyway, it has taken us a few tries to actually get together.


I have something possibly exciting happening soon. It could be a great opportunity for me (and the girlies) I'll have to keep you posted when I know more.  I should add...no it does not involve a ring or an address change. Those two topics give Greg nightmares. UPDATE ok after being informed that my boss knows about this, I feel comfortable talking about it. I applied for a job that is totally me. It is a technical assistance specialist in the area of child care resource and referral. I would get to help teachers be better, help centers be better. I am totally excited about this opportunity.  Please send good vibes and prayers my way. The office would be located in the building I am currently in so I will have to look whoever gets the job in the face everyday....and that would make me bummed especially because I can't remember being this excited about a job in a million years.


I have someone handling the Emmy/School drama. So I can breathe better about that. On a side note her teacher said she couldn't tell time and other stuff. So why when I point to a clock and say Em what time is it? She can tell me? I know the class was full and I know they are overworked. Believe me as a teacher myself and as the girlfriend of an extremely overwork band director I understand all to well.....however don't tell me you are holding her back because she can't do stuff that I am seeing her do. Its just a peeve of mine. 


My not so ex husband called me this morning with an update on our divorce. I swear how an uncontested divorce can drag on over a year is beyond me. I am *fingers crossed* hoping this last push will get us finally divorced so I can legally use Grass again. I use it socially, and I've been holding out buying checks even though I'm down to 4 because I really don't want to buy a bunch with a name I'm not going to keep using. Back story on the divorce. We signed the papers and they never filed. They have told us a few times that they did file but now they are saying they did not file because they didn't cash the filing fee check which was a present from my grandma (Thanks grandma). This check is over a year old now. They want us to cut them a new check. I said nope all of this is their incompetence and I am absolutely not going to do one extra thing. I'm not getting remarried, probably ever again, unless Thor asks. So, I can just stay married. Actually I asked for a refund of our money so we can go to a lawyer that will actually file when they say they do. So the positive in that rant is, hopefully I'll be divorced soon.   

The girls got to meet some of Greg's friends and they had a blast playing the drums while Greg and his friends played guitars and sang. They have played the drums a million times but it makes me more special when you make it a band. I of course had to put it on youtube. Which made the girls think they are rock stars.



  1. (a) "unless Thor asks"... hilarious. (b) I must see this youtube video immediately! How cute!! I hope the divorce goes through soon - we do divorces at my office, I understand what a pain it is :(

  2. This is the video of Em http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eviCzivvnck

    This is the video of Abbey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGH-vs4tQXE&feature=relmfu

    and this is Greg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUBKKEZDLrg&feature=relmfu

    What makes the divorce thing so funny is that we both want it and aren't and have never fought about anything. Guess they aren't use to people agreeing to call it quits.


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