Good, Bad, and Ugly

Its Monday wooohooo and I'm linking up with Kate and her weekly GBU link up.

The Good. My dad and sister came up for their Sunday visit. They visit me every Sunday that it is my weekend with the girlies. We went to the movies to see the Avengers, which everyone had seen but me. It was absolutely hilarious and non stop action. It is definitely one to buy. Thor is going to be my next husband. He just doesn't know it yet.

The bad. I still can't get Em's teacher to call me and will be calling the superintendent today to see if he will grant me a conference with him and the teacher. If this doesn't work out her dad and I have looked into private school options. 2 thousand a year seems to be the best we can do. Which I guess is pretty good considering.

The ugly. I ran out of Dr. Pepper for a day. I was being lazy and didn't want to drive to the store so I settled for flat pepsi. Totally not as good. But on the bright side I have Dr. Pepper and am ready to face the week. Now excuse me while I call the school board.

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  1. I've heard such good things about the Avengers movie - I might have to go see it! :)

  2. love your blog!

    i saw the avengers with my Dad too and really liked it :)

  3. It sounds like you had a great weekend! So happy you linked up with us today :)


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