Today is Monday and that means a link up with Kate for a weekly dose of good bad and ugly

The Good: I'm on summer break so all this no work has made my days meld together. I am loving staying up late and sleeping even later. I had a great interview for a job I REALLY REALLY REALLY want. I am so excited about this job I will be crushed if I don't get it. My ex husband #2 brought me my bed frame so if I ever get my room cleaned and organized I can set it up.

The bad: While at a really fun cook out I got attacked my bugs and haven't stopped scratching. Also Greg's birthday is coming up really soon and I have no clue what to get him. Emmy is a difficult student. I know its summer and she wants to be having fun but I don't think writing spelling words, doing 4 pages of math worksheets and reading for a few hours is unreasonable considering she is having to be retested before school starts back

The ugly: My storage room is a disaster and I am trying to clean it up to make it a functional room.

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