count down to summer

7 school days and counting.......

This weekend is just the beginning of what my summer will look like....weekends away from home shuffling kiddies to activities. Abbey has the busiest weekend. She is playing a solo at solo and ensemble and then we are dropping her off with my sister "aunt Honey" for her birthday weekend. She is doing one of her favorite things EVER, camping like its 1861. My sister got Abbey into civil war  reenacting when she was in kindergarten. She is a hard core camper. She wants everything she does and wears to be period correct. I hate history. It was never a fun subject for me, but Abbey has taught me a lot. One of those things was how to sew a dress. Finding one in her size is nearly impossible. My sister and I have made all her clothes.
Here is all of us in our Non period correct clothes.....Although I'm sure Jackson would have been a Tennessee fan!
From Left to Right Abbey, Aunt Honey, Me, and Emmy

Isn't this the most beautiful location? This is the Mountain Home Place in Paintsville, KY
home of the Hager's Farm Civil War Reenactment. 

If you just happen to be in Kentucky this weekend, stop by and watch the battle. The camp will be open before the battle for tours and the people are super friendly. You'll learn a lot and have some fun....and maybe even get recruited. Hope your weekend is a (cannon) blast.


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