Time flies

I've been out of school for 2 weeks now and time has just flown by. I am to the point that I don't even know what day of the week it is most times. On the plus side the storage room is cleaned and all junk I am getting rid of has been taken away. I'd love to say that I have a bunch of fun plans for the weekend but honestly I have no plans at all. I thought the girls and I would be hanging out with my boyfriend this weekend since I haven't seen him since Sunday evening. But he has friends coming to stay with him this weekend and honestly his place just isn't big enough for me the girls, and 3 of his friends to be spending the weekend. So it looks I have new plans to make with the girls. Its suppose to be chilly and rainy so plans to go to the pool will have to be put on hold as well. Maybe pizza, a movie and a girls night in makeover. My nails are looking pretty bad.

Speed dating

I know I have an about me page but this just seemed like fun. Here's a little speed dating blog style (and a link up)

This Little Momma 
I'm Holly
  I love Nine West bags

I lived through a tornado that did this 

 I love cows so much I have a tattoo of one
 thats the tattoo although this picture looks bad

I am a Tennessee fan living in Kentucky Wildcat basketball country, yes born and raised in KY and STILL hate basketball. I can't believe they haven't ran me out of town by now.  
 These lovely ladies would be (left to right) my daughter Abbey, sister Heather, ME, and my daughter Emmy

This is my sweetie. I am absolutely crazy about him. Some times I get frustrated at how slow we are moving but I really love him so I need to just suck it up I guess. 
 I have a phobia about eye wrinkles. They age you faster than any other wrinkle. In my opinion. Although I really don't  have any wrinkles this is the one I worry about the most. I use Olay face moisturizer daily. It has a texture I like above all others I've tried. I also use Mary Kay eye gel stuff. It always stays cool its very relaxing. 

My eyes change color depending on my mood between green, grey and blue.

I've been divorced twice so really I shouldn't want to progress at all with Greg given my track record. 

I recently interviewed for my dream job

I love doing crafts

I am ocd about closet organization but not really cleaning, much to ex husband number 2's dismay 

My parents got divorce when I was married and pregnant with Abbey

I have PCOS and thought I would never have a baby much less be surprised with 2

I had a complete hysterectomy 3 days before I turned 31

I am completely addicted to pinterest

This is the position of my dog 99% of the time he is so lazy 
 He's named after Westley from the Princess Bride. If you've seen the movie you understand when I say my sister has Buttercup. If you haven't, go watch it, its great

This is my dream car a Camaro convertible. In black with black windows.


Oh, How Pinteresting

I have been procrastinating cleaning and organizing my storage room, which means I have spent a huge amount of time on pinterest this week. Here are some of the things I've pinned.

Yup this is how I feel 
My absolute dream house
inspiration for my office
would love to do this minus the crib and baby
this is similar to mine i heart nail polish
possible DIY
haha I feel this way after a rough week
Mmmmm Bacon
nuff said

Happy Pinning and if you need a pinterest account just send me your email and I'll be happy to set you up.

I'm linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple

Summer Bucket List

Since I am desperately hoping my summer will be cut short by a month. I have been thinking I need to make a plan or at the very least a list of things I want to accomplish before summer is over.

  1. have 3 social dinners with friends
  2. learn to play guitar
  3. get a more polished look
  4. organize 3 friends closets
  5. find my old poems and back them up
  6. get better at corn hole
  7. host a theme party
  8. learn to sing
  9. sing in public
  10. go to the blue wisp
  11. go on vacation
  12. figure out how to keep car organized
  13. catch up on movies I want to watch (I'm sure a list is coming soon)
  14. try a new restaurant
  15. go camping
  16. read 50 books
  17. see the MUMMIES
  18. see Hayseed Dixie (PLEASE come back to the US)
  19. learn how to do simple car maintenance oil, breaks, wipers
  20. completely house train Westley
  21. make a 5 year career plan
  22. make 200 in one month selling thirty one
  23. set up a TPT account
  24. work on ways to make my classroom efficient
  25. start writing a novel
  26. organize my theme, concepts & concepts for the next year
  27. write a manual for subs
  28. walk 1 mile a day for 1 month
  29. lose 10 pounds
  30. flatten my stomach
  31. get toned
  32. try zumba
  33. make my own cleaning products
  34. learn 5 new recipes
  35. make a cookbook of family favorite meals
  36. try vegetarian 1 night a week
  37. try fish
  38. eat fruit once a day
  39. quit pop
  40. drink 8 glasses of water everyday for a month
  41. use the crock pot once a week for 4 months
  42. learn how to make gravy
  43. keep a menu for 2 months
  44. grocery shop only once a week for a month
  45. have 20 followers on my blog (i'm almost half way there wooohooo)
  46. daily page view of 50
  47. post everyday for 3 months
  48. do a link party a week
  49. get a pretty blog header
  50. write an e-book
  51. blog about completed 101/1001 goals
  52. Read 1 new blog a week for 3 weeks
  53. do 1 fun activity a week kids choice
  54. take children to library 2 times a month
  55. help the girls start their own craft project
  56. have a girls night in/out once a month
  57. help the girls set 3 goals of their own
  58. help them develop a system for organizing their room
  59. help them work out differences without butting in
  60. take girls to the zoo
  61. take girls to the circus
  62. organize storage room
  63. organize girls clothes
  64. update our daily routine
  65. make a family binder
  66. learn to extreme coupon
  67. develop a more efficient system for cleaning house
  68. organize external hard drive
  69. clean out junk and have a yard sale
  70. organize pics
  71. back up pics
  72. take more pics of my children
  73. learn to use photoshop
  74. take 1 new pic a day for 30 days
  75. build business up to 2 new customers a month
  76. take more pics of westley and buttercup
  77. digitize my non digital pics
  78. fill my etsy shop with 20 items
  79. try 10 craft items from my pinterest board
  80. paint a picture
  81. sew a dress
I'm thinking this may be a bit of a reach, but I 


Today is Monday and that means a link up with Kate for a weekly dose of good bad and ugly

The Good: I'm on summer break so all this no work has made my days meld together. I am loving staying up late and sleeping even later. I had a great interview for a job I REALLY REALLY REALLY want. I am so excited about this job I will be crushed if I don't get it. My ex husband #2 brought me my bed frame so if I ever get my room cleaned and organized I can set it up.

The bad: While at a really fun cook out I got attacked my bugs and haven't stopped scratching. Also Greg's birthday is coming up really soon and I have no clue what to get him. Emmy is a difficult student. I know its summer and she wants to be having fun but I don't think writing spelling words, doing 4 pages of math worksheets and reading for a few hours is unreasonable considering she is having to be retested before school starts back

The ugly: My storage room is a disaster and I am trying to clean it up to make it a functional room.

Classy Living

pinterest cleaning

Today will be spent organizing my pinterest. I have been a pinning maniac lately and my generic boards "organization" and "Crafts to do" are over flowing. So I'm hoping to make smaller boards. I wish there was a faster way to do it. Next on my list is cleaning my house. It pretty much looks like my pinterest boards.


This week has flown by. Sheesh at this rate I'll be starting work again and my summer of complete laziness will be over. Here are some fave things that happened this week.


This is kind of mine and Greg's anniversary weekend. Only not really. haha Have I gotten you confused? Greg is 5 years older than me. I first saw him when he worked my band camp my senior year of high school (clarinet nerd here). I say I saw him because we never spoke, and he never noticed me (pout). I did think, "Damn he's hot" but we didn't speak.  Thankful a friend of his that also worked our camp, remembered me. The friend invited me to Greg (and his live-in girlfriend's house) to listen to them play music. That night got us talking and we went out the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We called it "Prom" as code because he was skipping out on working prom that night. All good things must come to an end because she soon found out about us and he stayed with her and I got remarried. When he came to his senses I was unhappily married (my marriage lasted only 8 months) The divorce has taken over a year...and counting. but, that's another post entirely. Anyway, it has taken us a few tries to actually get together.


I have something possibly exciting happening soon. It could be a great opportunity for me (and the girlies) I'll have to keep you posted when I know more.  I should add...no it does not involve a ring or an address change. Those two topics give Greg nightmares. UPDATE ok after being informed that my boss knows about this, I feel comfortable talking about it. I applied for a job that is totally me. It is a technical assistance specialist in the area of child care resource and referral. I would get to help teachers be better, help centers be better. I am totally excited about this opportunity.  Please send good vibes and prayers my way. The office would be located in the building I am currently in so I will have to look whoever gets the job in the face everyday....and that would make me bummed especially because I can't remember being this excited about a job in a million years.


I have someone handling the Emmy/School drama. So I can breathe better about that. On a side note her teacher said she couldn't tell time and other stuff. So why when I point to a clock and say Em what time is it? She can tell me? I know the class was full and I know they are overworked. Believe me as a teacher myself and as the girlfriend of an extremely overwork band director I understand all to well.....however don't tell me you are holding her back because she can't do stuff that I am seeing her do. Its just a peeve of mine. 


My not so ex husband called me this morning with an update on our divorce. I swear how an uncontested divorce can drag on over a year is beyond me. I am *fingers crossed* hoping this last push will get us finally divorced so I can legally use Grass again. I use it socially, and I've been holding out buying checks even though I'm down to 4 because I really don't want to buy a bunch with a name I'm not going to keep using. Back story on the divorce. We signed the papers and they never filed. They have told us a few times that they did file but now they are saying they did not file because they didn't cash the filing fee check which was a present from my grandma (Thanks grandma). This check is over a year old now. They want us to cut them a new check. I said nope all of this is their incompetence and I am absolutely not going to do one extra thing. I'm not getting remarried, probably ever again, unless Thor asks. So, I can just stay married. Actually I asked for a refund of our money so we can go to a lawyer that will actually file when they say they do. So the positive in that rant is, hopefully I'll be divorced soon.   

The girls got to meet some of Greg's friends and they had a blast playing the drums while Greg and his friends played guitars and sang. They have played the drums a million times but it makes me more special when you make it a band. I of course had to put it on youtube. Which made the girls think they are rock stars.


Wonderful Wednesday

What do you get when you take 3 teachers, a bunch of instruments, and summer vacation? A rockin' house on a Wednesday night. The girls love when its music night. Greg is such a great boyfriend. He lets the girls join in and play with him and his friends. Here are some pics  and videos of my loves having fun.
Meet Greg. He's waving and saying Hi readers of Holly's blog.

My Abbey 

My Emmy

and now for the videos. 
Greg is probably the best drummer I have ever heard. I swoon. I also happen to love the  sound of his voice. 

Here he is singing.....Jeff on the drums. Jeff has only been playing for a year.

Abbey on drums. I am a pretty proud momma

Emmy's first time on the drums. I'm super proud of her.  

All of these songs are covers. We do not own or pretend to own the rights.

So pretty much a typical night with the Greene/Grass/McKenzie's. Did you catch that Greg's last name is Greene and mine is Grass? We get teased about that a lot. I apologize for the bad lighting. I'm sure you noticed that our stage area is the kitchen. I would really love to build a room on to his house just for playing music. 

Hope your week has been as rockin' as mine.....and if not there is always the weekend. 


How Pinteresting

Its no secret that I am a pinterest junkie. It is one of my favorite things to do. I could pin for hours and not get bored. If by some chance you are reading this and have no clue what pinterest is, its an online pin board. Kinda like a visual bookmark. If  you need an invite just send me your email address and I will be more than happy to send you an invite. If you already have pinterest you should come follow me. I am completely random about what I pin.

So I am linking up with The Vintage Apple today and sharing some of my favorite pins for the week.

I want to be laying in that reading so bad.

I'm thinking of a hairstyle change, but not a color change

These are super cute. I want to make them so bad. 


Stress relief/ how to make a Kindle cover

Shew I am full of stress. Dealing with Emmy's situation is making me super emotional and restless. I decide to put some of that to use and make the cover for Abbey's Kindle. I adapted it from directions I found here. I didn't have a hard cover book that I  didn't read so I used two pieces of cardboard.

Materials Needed:
2 pieces of cardboard cut to size of Kindle
Fabric about an inch bigger than Kindle.
and a ton of glue sticks

I took the cardboard pieces and added some tape to make a book shape. I cut out fabric and added about an inch all around so I could fold and glue.

Once I had it all folded and glued I added felt to one side and on the other I added more of the blue fabric.
I still need to add a way to keep it closed I'm thinking a pretty button and I need a way to keep the Kindle inside. I'm thinking elastic
please don't look at my ugly nails. I have been so stressed, i've chewed them off and the polish  is a mess. You'd never  guess I have over 70 bottles of polish.


momma bear

I have kinda mentioned my drama with my youngest daughter and school in the past. Let me lay it all out because I really need some advice about where to go from here.

Some back story:

Emmy has always struggled with reading at the beginning of the year she was reading on a kindergarten level (she's in 2nd grade) although by the end of the year she has moved up to a middle of the 1st grade level. That's a 7 reading level jump. Very impressive in my opinion.

At Christmas the teacher sent a message saying she requested a conference. I wrote on the report card days that I'm available. I teach Head Start so anytime after 3 and any Friday's are good. That left her pretty much anytime. I never heard a word back. My ex husband and I both have been in the classroom several times and not once did she say she needed to speak with us or that she was having trouble reaching us as she later tried to say to me. 

and now..

Ok now you should be current. Last day of school Emmy gets her report card and she is bawling her eyes out that she is being held back. I live maybe a mile from the school so as soon as I get home I call the school. The teacher is not there. I leave a message on her voicemail asking her for the conference we never had. No response. My ex husband visits the school the next day the principal isn't there and neither is the teacher. Again he asks that we be called. Later the day I am called by the guidance counselor. We have a very heated conversation but she says they will retest Emmy a week before school. After doing  research I realized that there may be an appeals window that I just don't know about. I contacted the super intendent about getting a conference with the teacher and she did call me today although she wanted it to be just a phone call. To be honest I lost my cool and was harsh and not very collected. Although she is leaving me a spelling list at the office and I imagine I will have a heated conversation with the principal when I go in to get it.

The teacher said she tried calling me and got no answer. I said if thats the case my ex husband and I have been in the classroom several times and something could have been said about reaching us. I do not believe a child should be held back if she is making the progress that Emmy is making, especially if everything else is fine.

I am drafting an email to the super intendent but honestly I am very full of anger and I know that, that will solve nothing. What I want is Em to go on to 3rd grade and a list of what we should be working on this summer to make sure she is ready. I am not usually difficult to deal with. I just want what is best for my child. I feel this teacher dropped the ball.

So what should my next move be? Anyone knowledgeable with the Kentucky Education System?


Monster House

Does anyone remember the tv show called Monster House? It had Steve Watson as the host (swoon). My boyfriend and I were listening to the radio and an OLD country song came on "I'm gonna hire a whine-o to decorate out home..." That reminded me of that show. They would take a regular house and decorate it to fit a theme like pirate or something like that. It was so fun. I was telling him we should do that to his house. He needs a bachelor pad on steroids.

Good, Bad, and Ugly

Its Monday wooohooo and I'm linking up with Kate and her weekly GBU link up.

The Good. My dad and sister came up for their Sunday visit. They visit me every Sunday that it is my weekend with the girlies. We went to the movies to see the Avengers, which everyone had seen but me. It was absolutely hilarious and non stop action. It is definitely one to buy. Thor is going to be my next husband. He just doesn't know it yet.

The bad. I still can't get Em's teacher to call me and will be calling the superintendent today to see if he will grant me a conference with him and the teacher. If this doesn't work out her dad and I have looked into private school options. 2 thousand a year seems to be the best we can do. Which I guess is pretty good considering.

The ugly. I ran out of Dr. Pepper for a day. I was being lazy and didn't want to drive to the store so I settled for flat pepsi. Totally not as good. But on the bright side I have Dr. Pepper and am ready to face the week. Now excuse me while I call the school board.

Classy Living

So mean

I had to run back to my school today to get the fish I forgot. While there I noticed a mom and her kid on our playground. I very nicely told them it wasn't a public playground (they had to pass through two fences to get to it and there is a HUGE sign that says Head start outdoor learning center) So they can't tell me they thought it was. The mom said come on honey she's being mean and not letting you play at the park anymore.

This really made me mad. How is me telling he not to trespass being mean? I was looking out for them, what if her or her  child got hurt and we didn't even know they were there? What is she hoping to teach her child that she blames it on me being mean. People need to take responsibility for their own actions

To unwind after a day of breaking kids hearts I made smores with my own kiddie and warmed my feet by the fire. I also started two craft projects. One is a Kindle case the other is repainting some old jewelry boxes. I'm sure I'll be sharing them soon.

I love a good camp fire. 


High Five For Friday

Yipeee!!!!! Its Friday. I have thought it was Friday since Wednesday. I believe this has been the longest week ever. Not a bad week just a loooooooooong week. The week has been full of some cool things.

One. I broke my oldest child's Kindle. I'm not actually sure how I did it because I didn't drop it or drop anything on it. The screen got all striped and you couldn't read the screen. But I called Amazon and they were super awesome. The nicest customer service I have ever dealt with. I was expecting them to say nothing could be done, but they said since we had only had it 3 days it was still under warranty. They sent us a brand new. It only took 2 days to get to us. Amazon is pretty awesome, and so is the Kindle.

Two. I got a flat tire on my way home from my boyfriend's house. He totally took care of everything. He loaned me his truck, bought me a new tire, and brought me the car when it was fixed. He's a pretty awesome boyfriend.

Three. School's out for summer....wooohooo. I am so glad to be off for the summer. So are the girls. We have some serious tutoring plans for Em. We also have some fun plans.

Four. The boyfriend was taking the band to an amusement park and we took the girls. Yes we had to chaperone 30 kids. They are great kids and we had no trouble. We never do. We took a charter bus on the trip which makes it so much nicer than riding on a school bus. While Abbey and I were riding 2 rides that Em wasn't tall enough to ride, Greg took her on some rides she could ride. They rode one ride 4 times (and she rode it 2 times once we caught up with them) The girls had a blast. Abbey kept saying I don't want to  ride, I don't want to ride. As soon as she rode something though she LOVED it and wanted to do it again.

Five. I had graduation for my headstart kiddies. In the past we have had it one class at a time at our center. This year our managers wanted to do something different and have all classes per county graduate together. This meant I'd have both of my classes graduating together. We rented the old middle school gym because it would be the cheapest place to hold parents for all 34 children. I'm so glad we did. We filled one side of the gym. I wanted to do something fun so I passed out boxes of various shapes and told parents to create a float for their child. They can either push, pull or carry the float. only thing I asked was the float had to have their name on it somewhere. I wish I had pics of these. They were super cute.We had a parade around the gym it was too cute. I had a parent hug me and tell me it was obvious we had worked hard. Boy did we. We couldn't practice because I didn't have the kids all together, but it still turned out great. Only problem was we needed a sound system. I'll know that for next year and can get the boyfriend to come help.

I am linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk

From My Grey Desk

I'm so done

I'm so done with school that is. WooooHoooo summer break is here. I have been looking forward to this since Christmas break. I am ready to get started crossing stuff off my summer fun to do list. First up, I am taking the girlies to Kings Island. For those of you not from around here. It is an amusement park a few hours from me. Greg is taking his band and one of the perks of a band's director girlfriend is all the long bus rides I can handle. Wait until fall, I am sure he will love to share his every growing collection of, Holly asleep on the art photography. Its a pretty extensive collection.

The girls need this trip, I need this trip. It has been a long school year. Heck this week has felt so long I keep thinking today is Friday. Although that may be because we had graduation for our kiddies today. I'd love to share pics with you but I left my camera at home. I know, I completely suck. Thankfully a coworker remembered her camera and she is going to post pics for me. So pics coming soon.

Emmy had a rough week as well. We learned that she is being held back a grade. Correction we learned that they say she is being held back. Her dad and I have both been trying to get in contact with the teacher. She is not returning our calls just like she didn't schedule a conference with us. I did get a call from the guidance counselor. We worked out an arrangement where Emmy will be tested again the week before school starts and we will discuss our path from there. I plan on having documentation in place showing the negative effects of retention. A little back story is Emmy struggles with reading. This year is moved up 7 reading levels. Which is seriously impressive she moved up a year and a half in reading level but she is still behind. Her father and I have plans in place to tutor her and have her reading on level by testing date.

I am sure you will hear all about our progress throughout the summer. Its a big project for us. But its necessary. I have thought about maybe leaving my teaching job and going back to health care where I can work nights so she can be home schooled. Its just an option at the moment. I love my job but as always my babies come first.

A few of the things about the situation that bothers me is that a conference was never set up even though I said anytime and gave dates and times I was available. The first we heard about it was when Emmy saw it on her report card. I have been livid that this is how they chose to handle the situation. When I spoke to the counselor I was proud of how I handled things I have the red head temper especially when I know what is right and when my girlies are concerned. I also dislike that after several phone calls the teacher won't return our calls. I understand that this school has a lot of uneducated and low income parents. Her father and I both have degrees, we understand the importance of a GOOD education and we will do what needs to be done to make sure that our children get that.

Its really nice to be on the same page with an ex about these things. I would hate it if we disagreed about what is the best path to take. So for Emmy we will band together and get through this rough patch. She is worth it.


Doggie Issues

I love my dog. How can you not love this face
This is Westley before he got groomed.

doesn't he look like a different dog? Either way, shaggy or groomed, he is a lovey. I just adore this dog. But, he has a trait I can not stand and I really need to fix before he drives me insane. He can go outside and spend an hour or more playing but the second he comes in he pees  usually on my trash can and poops BESIDE the puppy pad. I can not stand this.
This obviously makes traveling with him difficult because he does this at houses we are visiting. Since Greg's family lives about 3 hours away we visiting them for a weekend at a time. I can't leave him alone and with his peeing issue he doesn't get invited to stay at my mom's or even my sister's.

Has anyone ever had a Shih Tzu or any other breed that has done this? What have you done about it?


Things I notice and an awards ceremony

Things I noticed while driving Greg's truck

  1. I can see forever. Being up high is nice
  2. I feel like I could drive over 75% of the cars on the road and not even realize it. I can only imagine its what driving a tank feels like
  3. 75% of the cars on the road suspect I might run them over and not even realize it.  At least that is how I am rationalizing them staying out of my way.
  4. The girls and I are sitting close. This is not necessarily a good thing. When they don't want to touch each other.
  5. The driver side has no vanity mirror. How do they expect someone to put on their make up with no mirror. 
For the record I never apply make up while driving. but today was Abbey's awards day at school and I was running late and put my make up on in the truck while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Abbey received the Honor Roll Award and Outstanding Musicianship award, but really who cares about the honor roll.

 Look at my baby wearing my clothes and looking so grown up.  Shew she will be the death of me.



Mothers Day Surprise

So I spent my mothers day laying on Greg's couch playing on the internet while he organized his music collection. Seriously, that is a post of itself. Its kind of impressive.  He is obviously a MUCH better boyfriend than I am a girlfriend. As I was leaving his house to come home (which is the next town over) I got a flat. I turned my car around and came back to his house.

I should add, my car is a MESS it is always full of crap I may need, because I spent about half my time at Greg's. So I had to empty out  my trunk and it looked like this.
 The trash bag is not trash
it is actually loose junk I had
rolling around in my trunk.

so I kinda got excited about the flat thinking it was the perfect opportunity to cross something off my 1001 list. I have never changed a tire or oil or wipers. I'm pretty much useless. So I was thinking it would be nice to learn how to change the tire.
I jacked the car up....I was pretty proud of myself.....totally patting myself on the back.
That is UNTIL........

We couldn't get the tire off
he took the lug nuts off
and nothing happened.

So being the super awesome boyfriend that he is, he let me take his truck home and he's going to deal with the car tomorrow. I have been so worried about the truck though because I feel like I am driving a tank. I drive a little bitty focus. His truck looks like this...

So imagine me....all 4'10" driving that. Its funny. But I really do think I have a super boyfriend.

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