the Raven....a movie review

I saw the preview for this movie while watching The Woman in Black, on Valentines Day, with my youngest daughter. It was her choice. I knew right away I wanted to watch it. A serial Killer, killing in the fashion of Poe, that just has the makings of a fun movie. The problem is, nowhere near me was showing the movie. Total bummer there. I had to drive over 70 miles to see the movie. Thankfully, my non movie loving sweetie took me. Seriously, this was the first time we had ever been to the theater together and we've been together a year and a half.

I didn't read any reviews before watching the movie. I'm so glad I didn't. The website Rotten Tomatoes was not kind to it. However I disagree with all negative reviews. It was fun, yes somewhat predictable at times. For example you just KNEW that Emily would be hidden under a floor, and you just KNEW that she would be abducted at the ball. Anyone who has ever read Poe could guess what was going to happen. But don't we expect that? Wouldn't we have felt cheated if they tampered with the works of Poe? I know I would have.

My expectations for this movie was simple, entertain me. It did that.  Its a psychological/slasher movie based on famous works. How creative and fresh can you get? My sweetie who admits to only reading the cliff notes versions of the pieces required of him in high school, has been asking questions about Poe. If the movie did nothing else for the pretentious critiques I hope that they see that the movie has gotten others interested in Poe. For the record he enjoyed the movie.

Was it worth a 70 mile drive to see? Yes, and I will be watching it again when it comes out on Red Box. So if its nearby, or you don't mind driving 70 miles check out the Raven.

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