People read me!? NEAT-O!!

I've had 101 page views that is exactly 101 more than I expected (so come on guys leave me some comments). I think it is soooo cool (even without the comments). I had lots of stuff planned to do this week. Make my soon to be 12 year old the coolest Hunger Games shirt ever, make same soon to be 12 year old the coolest set of Hunger Games nails ever. Can you tell someone in my house loves Hunger Games? Abbey is completely smitten. She is rereading the books for what I think is the 3rd time. She still stops to read me parts she loves.

I love that she is almost 12 and still thinks I'm cool enough to tell her life too. That she wants me to know what interests her. She is at such a rough age. There is so much peer pressure hatefulness among kids her age. I feel so blessed that I have her. She is such a sweet girl. She is so witty and smart and goofy.Now if I could just do something about her constantly losing her phone lol.

Sadly though, getting strep has ruined all my plans. Dang strep. When my girlies were little, they would lay on me when they had strep. I didn't get it any then. I was even going to post a video of Abbey's band concert but i forgot to put the sd card back in the camera. My lovey recorded it for me, but he had to leave right after she performed to load drums.

 Yesterday was take the soon to be kindergarteners on a field trip to their school day. I picked up lots of cute ideas to use in my classroom next year, like how to display birthdays,  a potty bear, how to display art work, and a new idea for covering bulletin boards. I am going to miss my cutie pies. I wish I could keep both my classes another year. They have been so wonderful.

They are ready to go though. They were so excited yesterday. Every little sight and sound would make them giggle and point and ooh and ahhh. That is why I enjoy teaching preschool. Every single school experience is new and watching them soak it is a privilege I am so happy I get.  

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